Mr Beast: 13 Numbers Behind His 20 Million YouTube Subscribers

YouTube superstar just hit 20 million subscribers on his channel. Here are 13 numbers behind that massive achievement.

Mr Beast, one of the biggest and most successful YouTubers of all time just hit the 20 million subscriber mark!. Here are the numbers behind the milestone - with a few fun 'facts' thrown in:

  1. Mr Beast was already a big deal on YouTube this time last year, but in the last 365 days he has pretty much quadrupled the size of his channel.
  2. Mr Beast started his channel on February 19th, 2012, and he hit his latest landmark, 20 million subscribers, on June the 8th, 2019.
  3. For those of you who like their numbers that's 7 years, 3 months, 20 days, or 2,666 days, or 63,984 hours.
  4. Now, if we average that over the lifetime of a channel that's 7,501 subscribers per day, but subscriber growth has accelerated considerably in the last year.
  5. So much so that now, on average, Mr Beast averages 41,096 subscribers every single day.
  6. Despite this unprecedented success however, Mr Beast has still stolen 36 million cookies due to visitors not subscribing and not clicking that notification bell.
  7. Next up we have views, 2.7 billion of them to be almost exact.
  8. And that works out at 135 views per subscriber, or just over 1 million views per day since the channel started, or 3.7 million views per video based on the 728 currently published on the channel.
  9. The remarkable thing about Mr Beast channel is it's consistency. His most popular video has 62 million views, which is no mean feat, but using the vidIQ video Compare Views tool we can see that from the last 50 videos he has published they average 12 to 15 million views after 28 days. Not a bad number at all when you compare it to say, oh I don't know, PewDiePie, whose videos average 5 to 6 million views, despite the fact he has 75 million more subscribers.
  10. This time last year Mr Beast sat on, around about, 540 million total views. That means the channel has received over 2.1 billion views in a single year. An increase of 300% year on year, just like his subscriber count, and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.
  11. Mr Beast is, of course, famous for crazy things he does on his videos, and that includes giving away a lot of money. Over $1 million so far.
  12. He has spent at least 276 hours doing random stuff that range from standing straight in slime, sitting underwater, and trying to survive in the desert.
  13. He's also repeated words, counted numbers, or read from the dictionary for a total of 27,900,000 words, and he has used 132.6 million bits of Orbeez, Lego, magnets, pennies, and more things in his videos.

And so, Mr Beast, on behalf of everybody here at vidIQ, congratulations on 20 million subscribers!!

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