10 Fastest-Growing Tech Channels on YouTube [November]

Celebrating the latest tech stars on YouTube! This list showcases 10 tech creators from the vidIQ community who performed brilliantly!

In an era where technology intertwines with our daily routines, YouTube's tech channels are a cornerstone for the digitally savvy. Not only do they help people stay updated, but they also empower others to make informed decisions about today's gadgets. From the latest smartphone features to life-enhancing software hacks, YouTubers are the gurus, guiding millions of people through the tech landscape.

In fact, YouTube's influence is undeniable. It eclipses even the most popular cable networks among adults ages 18-34 in the U.S. And, 64% of tech purchases are influenced by its content.

This power has sparked a new wave of tech creators, each vying to be the trusted source for your next iPhone, tablet, laptop, and countless other devices.

As we spotlight the fastest-growing tech channels from the vidIQ community, here are 10 innovators who truly stand out.

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1. Gleb Kras

Gleb Kras teaches non-technical audiences to build and automate their online businesses.

  • Subscribers in October: 161
  • Current subscribers: 3,850

Most watched video:


WEB DATA makes insightful content on data comparisons and analyses.

  • Subscribers in October: 2,661
  • Current subscribers: 11,700

Most watched video:

3. AI Hustlewise

AI Hustlewise makes videos about making money online leveraging AI tools.

  • Subscribers in October: 724
  • Current subscribers: 8,810

Most watched video:

4. Engineering Secrets

Engineering Secrets tells fascinating stories about technology and engineering.

  • Subscribers in October: 11
  • Current subscribers: 2,600

Most watched video:


BYTEZ HQ provides informative product reviews on everything tech-related.

  • Subscribers in October: 8
  • Current subscribers: 1,060

Most watched video:

6. Artificial Arsenal

Artificial Arsenal specializes in giving low-cost or no-cost ways to leverage AI.

  • Subscribers in October: 52
  • Current subscribers: 1,110

Most watched video:

7. Nerd Head

Nerd Head creates tutorials for tech services.

  • Subscribers in October: 515
  • Current subscribers: 1,340

Most watched video:

8. Neural Nexus

Neural Nexus creates tutorials for using AI platforms.

  • Subscribers in October: 145
  • Current subscribers: 2,160

Most watched video:

9. Kind TechGirl

Kind TechGirl creates tutorials on different editing platforms.

  • Subscribers in October: 12
  • Current subscribers: 1,050

Most watched video:

10. Data & Analytics Academy

Data & Analytics Academy creates comprehensive videos on all your data and analytics queries.

  • Subscribers in October: 221
  • Current subscribers: 16,300

Most watched video:

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