10 YouTube Channels that Hit 100K Subs FAST! [September]

Racking up 100,000 subscribers in a month isn't easy, but these creators got it done! Keep reading to see who they are and get inspired by their journeys.

What does it take to get 100,000 subscribers on YouTube? Some will say you need fancy equipment or access to a famous person. Others will say it's all about luck. But when we look at this month's achievers, one thing is clear about gaining 100K subs: It takes a mix of creativity, skill, and consistency to get there.

So, what kind of creator pulls this off? If you want to see what success looks like, check out these 10 creators in the vidIQ community. They hit 100K subs in 30 days!

As always, we define the vidIQ community as anyone using our growth tools to reach YouTube success. So if you've signed up for vidIQ to optimize your videos, find keywords, or even get video ideas, this roundup is for you. We're celebrating your wins.

Top Channels Passing 100,000 Subscribers in September

1. ZizMoon

ZizMoon makes Skibidi Toilet videos on their channel.

  • Subscribers in August: 152
  • Current subscribers: 187,000

Most-viewed video:

2. Gabriel Moreira

Gabriel Moreira makes videos about motorcycles.

  • Subscribers in August: 147
  • Current subscribers: 125,000

Most-viewed video:

3. Cake Hub

Cake Hub shows the process of designing and decorating cakes.

  • Subscribers in August: 337
  • Current subscribers: 338,000

Most-viewed video:

4. See Technology

See Technology shows the process of blacksmithing, woodworking, pottery, and more.

  • Subscribers in August: 831
  • Current subscribers: 273,000

Most-viewed video:

5. Mr Dark Life

Mr Dark Life posts a variety of content, including gaming videos and cultural debates.

  • Subscribers in August: 603
  • Current subscribers: 455,000

Most-viewed video:

6. Muammer Kuruçay

Muammer Kuruçay makes entertaining videos based on exaggerated, real-life scenarios.

  • Subscribers in August: 152
  • Current subscribers: 187,000

Most-viewed video:

7. BeamNG_Shorts

BeamNG_Shorts makes videos based on the game BeamNG.drive.

  • Subscribers in August: 3,040
  • Current subscribers: 412,000

Most-viewed video:

8. Danii47

Danii47 makes Roblox content on their channel.

  • Subscribers in August: 1,450
  • Current subscribers: 298,000

Most-viewed video:

9. Saoko Beats

Saoko Beats is a music producer who uploads original music and remixes.

  • Subscribers in August: 3,600
  • Current subscribers: 313,000

Most-viewed video:

10. Amani

Amani makes funny videos about real-life scenarios.

  • Subscribers in August: 1,840
  • Current subscribers: 212,000

Most-viewed video:

Congrats to everyone who had amazing subscriber growth last month! 🥳 If you want to see your channel grow, don't forget to sign up for vidIQ and get robust tools, data, and video ideas.

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