10 YouTube Channels that Hit 100K Subs FAST! [January]

Reaching 100,000 subscribers is no cake walk, but these 10 creators did it in a flash! Discover who they are and how quickly they grew!

As a small channel on YouTube, you might often feel the odds are stacked against you. But nothing beats the feeling of getting your first YouTube plaque and reaching 100,000 subscribers.

Today, we celebrate 10 small creators who achieved this feat last month. As part of the community, we officially welcome them to the 100K club!

As always, we define the vidIQ community as anyone using our growth tools to reach YouTube success. So, if you've signed up for vidIQ to optimize your videos, find keywords, or even get video ideas, this roundup is for you.

1. Filmio

Filmio creates entertaining and engaging clips from popular movies and TV shows.

  • Subscribers in December: 956
  • Current subscribers: 307,000

Most-viewed video:

2. Everything Viral

Everything Viral covers viral videos on news, entertainment, technology, music, and lifestyle.

  • Subscribers in December: 1,090
  • Current subscribers: 260,000

Most-viewed video:

3. Foods World-wide

Foods World-wide makes videos about people interacting with different foods.

  • Subscribers in December: 203
  • Current subscribers: 252,000

Most-viewed video:

4. Gaming Hormone

Gaming Hormone does comedy sketches and engaging videos based on GTA V and other role-playing games.

  • Subscribers in December: 945
  • Current subscribers: 156,000

Most-viewed video:

5. Nouh

Nouh reacts to gaming videos across different niches.

  • Subscribers in December: 1,480
  • Current subscribers: 391,000

Most-viewed video:

6. GameQuest

GameQuest makes gameplay videos and memes.

  • Subscribers in December: 43
  • Current subscribers: 201,000

Most-viewed video:

7. Treasure Reacts

Treasure Reacts does reaction videos across all genres.

  • Subscribers in December: 819
  • Current subscribers: 232,000

Most-viewed video:

8. Itstheoss

Itstheoss creates quality content based on Roblox games.

  • Subscribers in December: 991
  • Current subscribers: 650,000

Most-viewed video:

9. Японский врач (Japanese Doctor)

Японский врач is an AI-based channel that provides recipes for healing.

  • Subscribers in December: 746
  • Current subscribers: 261,000

Most-viewed video:

10. My Craft Animation

My Craft Animation does entertaining animation videos based on Minecraft.

  • Subscribers in December: 1,430
  • Current subscribers: 281,000

Most-viewed video:

And that’s a wrap! Congrats to everyone who had amazing subscriber growth last month! 🥳 If you want to see your channel grow, don't forget to sign up for vidIQ and get robust tools, data, and video ideas.

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