10 Small YouTube Channels that Hit 10K Subs [March]

Celebrating these 10 creators from the vidIQ community who reached 10,000 subscribers in just a month.

As a creator, only a few feelings compare to reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. And it’s even more impressive when this feat is achieved in just 30 days. That’s why we are celebrating creators who accomplished that! To all those talented creators, welcome to the 10K Subs Club!

As always, we define the vidIQ community as anyone using our growth tools to reach success. So, if you've signed up for vidIQ to optimize your videos, find keywords, or even get video ideas, this roundup is for you. We're celebrating your wins.

Top Channels Passing 10,000 Subscribers in March:

1. Megan Mae Mentality

Megan Mae Mentality helps you level up in life through personal development and productivity tips.

Subscribers in February: 24

Current Subscribers: 73,200

Most viewed video:

2. Even Better

Even Better makes videos about delicious food items and recipes.

Subscribers in February: 24

Current Subscribers: 61,400

Most viewed video:

3. Ashik victory

Ashik victory makes gaming videos across many genres.

Subscribers in February: 33

Current Subscribers: 41,800

Most viewed video:

4. Sandy Madia

Sandy Madia gives makeup tips and tutorials with her videos.

Subscribers in February: 19

Current Subscribers: 26,500

Most viewed video:

5. Mega Dowcipy

Mega Dowcipy posts refreshed versions of classic jokes in the form of comics.

Subscribers in February: 25

Current Subscribers: 13,600

Most viewed video:

6. The Facts

The Facts, as the name suggests, tells interesting facts on many topics.

Subscribers in February: 14

Current Subscribers: 37,100

Most viewed video:

7. Lovely kittens

Lovely kittens creates animated fictional videos about cats.

Subscribers in February: 4

Current Subscribers: 45,600

Most viewed video:

8. Arup Music

Arup Music creates playlists of popular Bengali songs.

Subscribers in February: 4

Current Subscribers: 22,400

Most viewed video:


TAX_GAMING makes videos on mobile games.

Subscribers in February: 93

Current Subscribers: 81,600

Most viewed video:

10. AH Editors

AH Editors creates cool edits on popular movies and T.V shows.

Subscribers in February: 55

Current Subscribers: 63,000

Most viewed video:

Congrats to everyone who had amazing subscriber growth last month! 🥳 If you want to see your channel grow, don't forget to sign up for vidIQ and get robust tools, data, and video ideas.

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