Exclusive! An Official Tour of the YouTube Studio Beta WITH YOUTUBE

By now, all creators should have seen the New YouTube Studio (AKA Creator Beta Studio). But how can you get even more out of it? YouTube showed us in an exclusive live stream!

If you are a video creator, you may have noticed that the YouTube tools you use to create your videos and check how well you're doing have undergone a radical change over the last six months. We’ve already brought you lots of news about the changes, but now we’ve talked to a YouTube expert about how the new Creator Studio (AKA YouTube Studio Beta) works.

During an hour-long special live stream on the 28th October 2019, we were joined by Tom Leung, Product Management Lead at YouTube. Tom’s team is focused on a number of products, including the Creator Studio, the Creator Studio mobile app, the uploads experience, and the channel management experience, as well as YouTube analytics. Tom is also part of the Creator Insider YouTube channel, which all YouTube creators should subscribe to!

In the live stream (video above) we touched on YouTube analytics, the dashboard, and video management. As of October 2019, the following is true about YouTube Studio Beta:

  • At some point in the near future, YouTube will drop the beta label and it'll just be known YouTube Studio.
  • The legacy product will continue to be referred to as Classic Studio, but that will fade off into the sunset over time.
  • Beta Studio is now the default experience for YouTube creators, although Classic Studio is still available.
  • YouTube has announced Classic Studio will probably be removed this year, but have promised advanced notice of this.

New YouTube Studio: Two Things Creators Need to Know

#1 If you are still defaulting to the Classic Studio - right now is the time to get used to YouTube Studio Beta. Creators who are active on the platform need to really learn the new dashboard because when the old one goes away it’s going to cause a world of pain.

#2 The sooner Classic Studio is retired, the sooner YouTube can add new features to Studio Beta because more resources will become available to do that. Tom mentioned that an updated mobile app, the ability to turn on dark mode, improved real-time analytics, and an upload checklist were all on YouTube’s to-do list in the future once Classic has been sunsetted.

Please watch the video for details of the new features in Studio Beta, and check in again as we focus on the new tools that YouTube is rolling out to creators.

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