This is How Pet Enthusiasts Are Making Money on YouTube

Pets are not only wonderful and amazing but if you have enough knowledge about a certain animal you can turn that expertise into revenue via YouTube 🐈 🐕 🦝

For most people, the memory of their first pet never goes away. Whether their animal friend had wings, scales, or fur, there’s something about animals - perhaps they way they love and play - that makes them nearly unforgettable to us.

If you’re a pet enthusiast or a pet professional, you understand this connection more than anyone. Cats, dogs, and other animals must be cared for if kept in captivity, and the owners who love them need the knowledge and skills to do so.

That’s why there’s a strong need for this type of content on YouTube. Like humans, animals get sick, need consistent attention and grooming, and can benefit from learning new behaviors. So if you, a passionate animal lover, can share that information on YouTube, you can make money while also living your ultimate purpose.

While there are tons of things to think about before creating a YouTube Channel, such as how to be absolutely great at it, it’s also important to learn the common money-making methods before diving in.

If you’re ready to monetize your passion for animals, we've pulled some examples of people who're doing it right now. From a licensed veterinarian to a revered dog trainer, here's how pet enthusiasts are making money on YouTube.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: A Powerful Patreon Earner

Zak George is a popular dog trainer who has been on YouTube since 2006. His channel, Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution, has 2.66M subscribers and over 183M views.

In his videos, Zak shows owners how to teach their dogs new skills, whether that’s to stop them from yanking walkers with their leashes or some fun, amusing tricks. But out of all his videos, his obedience training guides are probably most vital for viewers.

Many owners want their dogs to be well-behaved in public, and to do that, dogs must obey simple commands like “sit” that distract them from their canine mischief.

When COVID-19 impacted the world, George uploaded a video about how this kind of training could change for dog owners. In a video titled, “Special Update: Your Dog and Coronavirus,” Zak says young dogs need to be properly socialized. That’s a challenge for most owners during a pandemic, so Zak shared some advice for safe socialization in the video below:

Zak places little to no advertisements in his videos, but he still makes money from sharing useful, timely information around dog training.

For example, there are four revenue sources associated with the video above. In the description section, there’s a link to Zak’s Patreon of exclusive dog training videos and services. Clicking that link reveals that he has several hundred Patrons, and they contribute more than $2,000 toward his content each month.

But of course, there’s more. Zak also makes money by selling dog training guides for owners who truly need them. Then there’s merchandise related to his company and brand sponsorships that fund a large chunk of his videos.

Needless to say, Zak’s YouTube Channel is packed with earning potential. As a pet professional or enthusiast, you can also share your expertise on YouTube and start earning money online.

Trends in Dog-Related Content on YouTube

Pet care and training are essential year-round, but dog owners in particular thought about these things more often at the beginning of the pandemic. While Zak was focusing on obedience training videos, other YouTubers were addressing a vital question from viewers: How do I groom my dog at home during a lockdown?

Using Google Trends, we analyzed the performance of such searches on YouTube over the past year, focusing on the phrases ‘groom a dog at home’ and ‘how to groom a dog’. The results (below) show that search popularity for both terms spiked between March and April, the early lockdown period in the U.S.

You don’t have to be a well-known YouTuber like Zak to capitalize on these trends. Newer creators can do it too.

There are channels like Groomers Pro, which has only been around for two years, that earned more video views by posting relevant, trending topics. For example, in a video titled, “Tips & Tricks to Grooming your Dog at Home During the Covid-19 Lockdown”, Groomers Pro snagged over 3,000 views. Of course, the channel still needs to attract 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for monetization, but videos like the at-home grooming one can help the Groomers Pro reel in more viewers, and thus, more money.

The Turtle Girl: Monetizing Reptilian Care

Pets of all types bring joy to their owners, and reptiles are no exception. The Turtle Girl, a channel with 47.3K subscribers, uploads videos about how to care for pet turtles.

In one such video, titled “How to Take Care of Your Turtle’s Shell,” The Turtle Girl uses her knowledge of reptiles to teach viewers the basics of shell maintenance:

The Turtle Girl is very passionate about what she does; you can hear her casually dropping scientific terms and advice in her tutorials. If you have an undying pet obsession like hers, it’s time to do something with that enthusiasm (and get paid for it).

For example, The Turtle Girl makes money by placing advertisements in her videos. This form of YouTube monetization is the industry standard, and that’s where most YouTubers start when they want to make money on the platform.

However, once you’ve done that you can always take your earning potential to the next level. Like The Turtle Girl, you can become an Amazon Associate, which is an affiliate marketing program. It allows content creators to advertise products from, and they earn referral fees when customers use their affiliate links to make purchases. The Turtle Girl uses this program to make more money, in addition to a Patreon of exclusive, pay-to-view content.

People own all sorts of pets, so no matter which kind you’re passionate about, you can find your specific tribe of enthusiasts on YouTube. They’ll not only give you a sense of community but help to support you monetarily, if your videos brighten their lives.

Our Pets Health: Turning Animal Tips to Into Cold, Hard Cash

The Our Pets Health channel is run by Dr. Alex Avery, a veterinarian whose been in practice since 2006. On his channel of 16.8K subscribers, he shares advice on how to care for dogs and cats, as well as preventing the common diseases they develop.

Dr. Avery is a trained medical professional, which adds undeniable credibility to his videos. This allows him to dispel common misconceptions about pet illnesses and share the truth about what’s happening inside an animal’s body.

For example, in the video below, Dr. Avery explains why a cat might experience weight loss. Because he has years of medical experience to lean on, he opens the video by stating, “It’s not worms, OK? Repeat after me. My cat is not losing weight because they’ve got worms.”

If you’re the type of animal expert that has factual, licensed advice just swirling around inside your head, bring that knowledge to YouTube. Making videos about pet care, training, or grooming will be simple for you because all you have to do is share the credible information you already have.

Dr. Avery is doing that while also earning money from YouTube. First, he makes money by monetizing his videos with advertisements. Then, like many YouTubers, Dr. Avery is an Amazon Associate who shares his affiliate links in the description of every video.

So now you know: Pet enthusiasts and hobbyists aren’t the only animal lovers who make money on YouTube. You can run a general practice and make money with a YouTube Channel too.

Extra Ways to Make Money Online as a Pet Enthusiast

Creating a YouTube Channel is a great first step toward making more money online. But once you’ve done that, you’ll have an audience of subscribers that may want additional ways to connect with you. When you reach that amazing level, you can start thinking about extra monetization efforts, such as:

  • Administering pet health consultations via video conference
  • Making your pet an influencer on Instagram and securing brand deals
  • Starting a pet blog (with advertisements)
  • Licensing photos of your pet on Shutterstock, Getty, etc.
  • Creating and selling online obedience courses for pets
  • Selling pet food, toys, and other merchandise online

So, are you ready to get started? Create your YouTube Channel today, and you’ll be one step closer to making more money online as a pet enthusiast.

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