New YPP Terms: Accept Them Now to Keep Monetizing on YouTube [2023]

Calling all creators! There have been some major changes to the YouTube Partner Program, and if you want to keep making money (or start), take these actions now.

This morning, YouTube announced some changes to the Partner Program that will give creators more flexibility in how they monetize videos. Instead of funneling everyone through one path, the program will have four contract modules:

  1. Base Module
  2. Watch Page Monetization Module
  3. Shorts Monetization Module
  4. Commerce Product Addendum

These changes come with new YPP terms. So if you’re already monetizing on YouTube, you can retain your partner status by accepting the terms. If you haven’t joined the YPP, these new terms will appear in the application process.

As a reminder, there are two achievement paths to the YPP. If you reach either milestone, you can apply to monetize your videos:

With today’s news, we can officially add the new modules to the list. So here’s a deeper explanation of what they are and when you need to accept them to make money.

Module 1: Base Terms

The most significant change to the YPP is that you’ll need to accept the base terms for YouTube monetization. All monetizing creators must do this going forward, whether they’re joining the YPP for the first time or trying to maintain partner status.

Within the base terms, you’ll learn how YouTube plans to pay you, its content policies, and other finance topics, such as taxes and sharing revenue with copyright holders.

The deadline to accept these terms is July 10, 2023. If you don’t accept at least the base terms by then, you’ll get removed from the YPP. That erases all your future income (unless you re-apply to the program), so get it done ASAP!

Module 2: Watch Page Monetization

Earning through watch pages is a common way to make money on YouTube. These pages are all over the platform, including the “regular” side of YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, and the YouTube Kids app.

So if you want to make money from watch pages — the home of long-form videos and live streams — accept the Watch Page Monetization terms. That allows you to earn revenue from advertisements on a watch page or within the YouTube video player.

Important: You don’t have to accept these terms. You can remain a YouTube partner or become one without doing so; it just means you can’t earn ad revenue from watch pages.

Module 3: YouTube Shorts Monetization

Starting February 1, 2023, YouTube will let Shorts creators earn advertising revenue from their content. This money will come from ads shown in the Shorts feed and YouTube Premium, and creators will split the revenue with YouTube. YouTube states that "from the overall amount allocated to creators, they will keep 45% of the revenue, distributed based on their share of total Shorts views."

To start making money, accept the Shorts Monetization terms before February 1. If you miss the deadline, revenue will accrue whenever you accept the new terms in this module.

Important: You don’t have to accept these terms. You can remain a YouTube partner or become one without doing so; it just means you can’t earn ad revenue from YouTube Shorts.

Module 4: Commerce Product Addendum

The Commerce Product Addendum is all about fan funding on YouTube. Accepting these terms will unlock monetization tools like Super Chats, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, and Channel Memberships. However, YouTube says you won’t have to accept these if you've already done so.

Important: You don’t have to accept these terms. You can remain a YouTube partner or become one without doing so; it just means you can’t use fan funding on YouTube.

New YPP Terms and Timelines: A Quick Summary

To sum up, all monetizing creators must accept the YPP base terms.

If that sounds like you, plan to accept them by July 10, 2023. Otherwise, you’ll get kicked out of the program and have to re-apply.

If you’re primarily a Shorts creator, it’s wise to accept the base and Shorts Monetization terms. Do both by February 1, 2023, so you can monetize your Shorts without delay.

As for the other two modules — Commerce Product Addendum and Watch Page Monetization — you technically don’t have to accept these, but we recommend you do! Accepting all four modules is the best way to maximize your YouTube revenue.

If you’re in the YPP, these terms will become available in the next few days. Be sure to look out for an email or notification from YouTube so you can review and accept the terms ASAP!

Need more details? Watch this video announcement from the YouTube Creators channel.