YouTube Premium: An Extra Way For Creators to Make Money

Did you know? YouTube Premium doesn't just offer benefits for viewers, it's also an extra way for creators to generate some extra revenue.

No ads, original content, and videos that play in the background: For video fanatics, this is just a small taste of what YouTube Premium offers to subscribers. Formerly known as YouTube Red, this rebranded service combines a variety of features for the perfect YouTube binge.

Here’s a complete list of all the exciting Premium features:

  • Ad-free viewing on YouTube
  • Ad-free viewing on YouTube Kids
  • Offline video viewing (download and watch later)
  • Offline music listening (download and listen later)
  • Background play (content plays outside app/when phone is closed)
  • YouTube Music Premium
  • YouTube Originals

__These are great perks for viewers, however, creators will appreciate Premium for a different set of reasons. __

While video fanatics can expect fewer interruptions on the app, creators are getting what they’ve always wanted from the deal: more ways to increase their revenue on YouTube.

How Creators Earn More Money With YouTube Premium

And now for the big question: How does it all work? How are creators able to make more money on top of AdSense revenue with YouTube Premium?

In a nutshell, YouTube shares some of its Premium revenue with creators. Whatever the portion may be, the platform distributes this money to creators based on how much Watch Time they earn from Premium subscribers.

So for example, if one channel receives higher Watch Time than another, it gets a larger chunk of money. In the end, YouTube takes a 45% cut of a creator’s Premium earnings, just as it does for ad-generated revenue.

Nevertheless, earning some extra cash with Premium is something to aspire to. Every video on YouTube’s free platform is available on the paid version, so no matter what, your videos will contribute to your Premium Watch Time and earnings.

The Future of YouTube Premium: $2 Super Chats

If increasing your Watch Time sounds like a difficult goal, don’t worry. YouTube is always looking for fresh, innovative ways to fund creators.

Right now, the platform is running a beta test for YouTube Premium, in which subscribers can send free money to their favorite creators.

Curious about how it works? Every month, YouTube is adding $2 worth of Super Chat credits to Premium accounts. With those funds, viewers can send donations to creators during live streams.

If this test becomes a permanent feature, it could be big for creators. After all, a Super Chat credit is an excellent way to nudge viewers and inspire them to donate.

YouTube Premium is relatively new, but don’t underestimate its potential just yet. As more viewers subscribe to the service, it’s revenue - which creators get a share of - is bound to increase.

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