What YouTube Channels with Over 1,000 Subscribers Have In Common

YouTube channels with more than 1,000 subscribers have 3 things in common. Read this post to discover what they are and grow your audience faster.


If you’re still working toward 1,000 YouTube subscribers, here’s some good news. Unlike creators with large audiences, you still have the freedom to try new things. You aren’t stuck in a niche where viewers expect hyperfocused videos. And you still have time to find your audience and learn how YouTube works.

But don’t get us wrong: Gaining 1,000 subscribers is still the dream. Once you meet that goal, you’re one step closer to applying to the YouTube Partner Program and monetizing your channel.

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In this episode of TubeTalk, we chat with Alan Spicer, YouTube consultant and blogger, about gaining 1,000 subscribers and beyond. His YouTube growth channel, Alan Spicer, has 34,000 subscribers. He also has thousands of subscribers on other YouTube channels, and books clients on his website, alanspicer.com.

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Spicer reviews lots of channels and has noticed a pattern with successful creators. Typically, channels with over 1,000 subscribers have three things in common.

1. The Content Is Hyperfocused and Entertaining

There are two ways to start a successful YouTube channel. The first option is making focused content that caters to one audience. But if you don’t know what your niche should be, you can explore different topics to see what gets more views. Be warned, though: The results for this option are unpredictable. You’re letting the numbers decide what your niche should be, even if you aren’t passionate about the topic. That’s why we recommend option one – finding a topic you love and sticking to it.

Is your YouTube niche worth pursuing? Ask yourself three questions to find out:

  1. Can I talk about this topic for hours?
  2. Am I passionate about it?
  3. Are video ideas coming to me effortlessly?

If your answer to all three questions is “yes,” you have a niche worth exploring. Whether that’s cooking, baseball highlights, makeup, or something else, embrace your newfound topic!

Narrowing your focus is the fastest way to get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. The deeper you dive into a subject, the better your chances of attracting like-minded viewers. If you’re a Minecraft creator, for example, viewers will subscribe to watch hundreds of gaming tutorials.

Making how-to content is a sure-fire way to stand out on YouTube. But don’t forget to be informative and entertaining. Spicer sees this formula all the time as a YouTube consultant – and it works.

“You can still be educational and funny,” Spicer says. “[A fencing company] was making content about ‘how to’ this and ‘how to’ that, which was great. But then they made a video that was all about a specific building material…. It’s a nice time-lapse thing, and it’s entertaining. But it still was within their focus of them telling us how to put up that fence and the specific materials you need to use.”

Of course, the video went viral. The fencing company got views from their audience and people who enjoyed the time-lapse video.

2. The Creator Is an Expert – or Passionate About Becoming One

Did you know it takes some creators years to reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers? During that time, they post dozens of videos, if not hundreds.

That’s why passion is invaluable on YouTube. If you aren’t excited about your niche, it’s hard to keep going with little to no views and subscribers. Chances are, you will lose motivation.

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There is one solution, though. You can always share your expertise, professional or otherwise, on YouTube. That gives you a topic to explore for several years. You can teach viewers an array of skills, from investing to painting to cell phone repair.

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“I’ve done web development for five years prior [to YouTube],” Spicer says. “I understand search engine optimization, and now I’m SEO-certified. If I can teach those things, people then know I’m a Netflix of answers for that specific field.”

3. The Channel Creates Long-Term Value for Viewers

Want to gain lots of subscribers quickly? Here’s the ultimate rule for succeeding on YouTube:

Create value for your viewers, and never stop giving it to them.

This rule applies to all creators, regardless of your YouTube niche. If you want viewers to subscribe to your channel, you have to give them a reason to stay.

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“Whatever your goal happens to be, that’s perfectly fine," Spicer says. "But as long as you deliver the message and value to the audience first, they will keep coming back. If I’m being selfish, telling you what I want from you, taking from you, why would you want to come back to me?”

Gary Vaynerchuk, internet personality and super entrepreneur, is a great example. He succeeds on YouTube because he gives so much information away for free. His videos about entrepreneurship and personal branding help millions of subscribers achieve their goals. Plus, his advice creates long-term value. People will continue to start new businesses and tweak their personal brands for the job market.

Earning 1,000 subscribers doesn’t mean you’ll become rich on YouTube. But it helps you make some money and grow your audience through the YouTube Partner Program. If you haven’t earned 4,000 hours of Watch Time yet – the other YPP requirement – read this post for detailed steps.