Top 5 YouTube Metrics Every Creator Should Study

YouTube has a playground of analytics and data for creators, but which 5 metrics are the most important? Find out on this episode of TubeTalk.
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One of the many benefits of being a creator on YouTube is access to a huge range of analytics and metrics around your content. But unless data is your thing, it can get a little overwhelming to have so much information at your fingertips.

So which analytics and tools are going to help you grow your channel? The vidIQ team answer that question on this episode of TubeTalk! You will learn about:

  • Retention - Dips/ Spike/ Retention
  • CTR - why you should analyze your thumbnails
  • Data source - How to use that to understand your audience and their needs
  • Video Views over the past 28 days/ 90 days
  • Real-time Views

YouTube's News Terms of Service: What You Need to Know

Did you know that YouTube updated its TOS? One of the changes is that the platform can now run ads on unmonetized channels - without offering any revenue share. Find out more in this episode of our podcast.

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