How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube: Research is Everything!

In our series on how to start a Gaming channel on YouTube, we discuss how research is the cornerstone to generating more views and subscribers.

In the latest in our series on 'How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube,' we discuss just how important research is. How important? It's probably the MOST important prep you can do before you pick up that video camera, and it isn't an exaggeration to state that the success of your whole YouTube Channel depends on it. So, yes, it's pretty important.

How to Get More YouTube Views with Your Gaming Channel

There are millions of gaming channels on YouTube right now, so how do you stand out from the crowd? We've already talked about making you the star of your YouTube channel and taking your personality to the forefront. But when it comes to the games, you need to be able to answer questions that nobody else can answer, faster than anyone else, or better than anyone else?

Let's use Clash Royale as the example. Every couple of weeks they release new cards for you to play with, one being a new card called the Giant Snowball. Now you don't really need to know anything about that other than if you search on YouTube for 'Clash Royale Giant Snowball tips', you'll find there'll be big YouTubers at the top of the search rankings. But if you just go down a little bit, you'll find a channel with only a thousand subscribers but a video that has 150,000 views. So, how did this happen?

That video answers a very specific question about one particular game, and it was one of the first videos out on the topic. This is the first video this channel has made, and it has 150,000 views and have gained 1,600 subscribers from that. So this, if nothing else, is proof that you can start a gaming channel in 2019 if you do the right things.

Because I have a passionate knowledge about that video game, I know what to search for. It should be the same for you, whatever game you're interested in. But let's take an example of a game I know nothing about: Fortnite.

I did a couple of searches, and within five minutes I was able to search for 'best shotgun in Fortnite save the world 2018' as a long tail keyword. And instead of finding channels with millions of subscribers, I found channels with a few thousand subscribers getting tens of thousands of views.

So it is possible to do on any type of game. You just have to think of this from a really specific point of view. Are there any Easter eggs that you know of that nobody else does? Is there a big patch coming out with new weapons that you want to cover before anybody else? Think about how you can offer something valuable, new, and unique to your audience before anybody else or, as I said earlier, better than anyone else. And you're onto a winning strategy when it comes to a gaming channel.

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