How to Increase YouTube Video Views From Tentpole Events

Creating video content around tentpole events is an excellent way to generate YouTube views. Find out more on this episode of TubeTalk.
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What if I could tell you about a topic that could generate impressive YouTube views and subscribers? What if that topic was about a holiday, sporting event, or another special occasion that attracted viewers to YouTube to find out more about it? Would you be interested in making that video?

These tentpole events lend themselves very well to both trending and evergreen content and are a rich source of inspiration for any creator. Join the experts at vidIQ as we discuss:

  • What are tentpole events?
  • How to use tentpole events for your videos
  • How YouTube search works
  • The power of a social calendar
  • Preparing for, and leveraging trending topics

Want to Know How to Use Copyright Music on YouTube Legally?

Can you take somebody else's music and use it in the background of your video as long as you credit them in the description? Do you really know your rights when it comes to your content and what you can and cannot do?

Find out more about music copyright here.

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