This Update Could Change the YouTube Partner Program Forever

The application policy for the YouTube Partner Program is getting a notable update. Find out how it affects you.

Following the update on Shorts monetization, YouTube is now changing its application policy for the Partner Program. This will mostly impact creators who want to monetize a small YouTube channel, so if that sounds like you, keep reading!

We all know that you need 1,000 subscribers along with either 4,000 hours of watch time or 10 million public Shorts views in the last 90 days to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. But meeting this requirement is just the first step. You actually have to apply for the program, and that’s where things are about to change.

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How the Partner Program Is Changing

Back in January, YouTube changed the structure of the Partner Program, offering creators more flexibility and opportunities for revenue generation. These changes include the introduction of modules, new eligibility criteria for YouTube Shorts, and access to Creator Music.

Modules allow creators to choose how they monetize on YouTube, whether that’s through watch page advertisements, ads on Shorts, and fan funding through Super Chats, Channel Memberships, and more.

If you haven't accepted these new terms, get moving: YouTube is asking creators to accept at least the base module by July 10 to remain in the Partner Program.

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New Application Rules for the Partner Program

Following the modules update, YouTube is making even more changes to its monetization program.

Starting June 5, 2023, the process for re-applying to the YPP once you've been rejected will change. If you apply and are rejected for the first time, you’ll have 21 days to appeal the decision. Then you'll have to wait another 30 days before re-applying.

If you’re rejected a second time, you’ll still have 21 days to appeal, but you can only re-apply after 90 days.

While this may seem harsh, it’s a balanced approach because YouTube is prioritizing new applicants over repeat ones.

Along with the new application rules, YouTube emphasizes that both monetizing partners and new applicants should avoid these activities on YouTube:

  • Uploading videos that seem like duplicates
  • Reusing other creators' content, which isn't considered original or transformative
  • Using fake engagement to get more likes, views, subscribers, and watch time
  • Engaging in deceptive practices, like impersonating someone or running scams.

For current partners, making these mistakes could lead to channel suspension. And re-applying means you have to go through a 21-day appeal period followed by a 90-day wait.

For new applicants, you might not become a YouTube partner at all if you make these mistakes.

Creators must accept the new YPP terms by June 5, 2023, to join the program or continue monetizing through it. So, go ahead and do that right away. If you want Rob to explain this whole update in detail, click below!