10 Things Every Small YouTube Channel Can Improve

It's time to improve your YouTube channel with actionable insights. Dive into the 10 the best strategies to enhance your video quality, viewer engagement, and YouTube views.

If you’re a small creator on YouTube and have been at it for a while now, you probably know that content creation is harder than it looks! So, before the frustration takes over, we want to share some quick fixes to make any YouTube channel better — no matter the niche or audience!

Here are 10 often-overlooked improvements for the budding creator:

1. Choose the Right Frame Rate

One of the most underrated ways to take your content to next level is by improving them aesthetically. Getting solid knowledge of frame rates and using the proper frames for your videos can help you over the longterm!

Most creators start with the default 30fps (frames per second), but switching to 24fps can give your videos a cinematic feel. Conversely, if you're creating sports or gaming content, bumping it up to 60fps can create a smoother, crisper visual experience. The key is knowing which rate suits your content best.

2. Achieve Sound Balance and Clarity

Ever tried watching a video with terrible audio? It's a challenge. Invest in a good microphone, and don’t forget about post-production. Tools like Audacity or Adobe Audition can help you clean up and balance audio, ensuring viewers aren’t constantly adjusting their volume.

3. Focus on Community Building

Community is a major facet for many channels, irrespective of their size. For years, the YouTube Community tab has helped creators stay in touch with their audience, especially if they do not publish videos regularly.

Stay in touch with viewers by hosting challenges or projects where your subscribers can participate. Whether it's a photo challenge, a short story contest, or DIY craft submissions, you'll give viewers a sense of belonging by building a real community.

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4. Enhance Your Titles and Thumbnails

Yeah, yeah — you’ve heard it a million times before, but if there’s anything on YouTube that you can never stop improving, it's titles and thumbnails.

Think of thumbnails as the book covers of YouTube. A custom thumbnail that is vibrant and attractive usually tells a story of its own, or at least poses a question. Use tools like Canva or Photoshop to add some flair without making them too cluttered.

Your video’s title informs the viewer why they should watch it, so it needs to be compelling too. By using words that stir up the right emotions, you can increase the chance of your video getting clicked on, watched, and liked.

Watch this video to learn more!

5. Incorporate Cards and End Screens

Use cards and end screens effectively. Instead of just pushing viewers to any other video, guide them to content that complements what they've just watched. This increases the likelihood they'll stay on your channel longer.

The more specific you are with your choice of video, the more likely it is for a viewer to go on a binge session of your content, thereby increasing the likeliness that they'd subscribe!

6. Practice Storyboarding

Before hitting record, have a clear outline or storyboard. This ensures your content is cohesive and reduces editing time. It might seem tedious, but the clarity it brings to your production process is invaluable.

Storyboarding isn't something we're all familiar with, so here's a crash course on how to visually plan out your videos.

7. Experiment with Video Ideas/Formats

Every few months, try something completely out of your usual content style. It could be a silent vlog, a documentary-style piece, or even a fictional narrative. Experimenting with different ideas not only keeps your audience intrigued, but also challenges you as a creator.

The trick is to make something that your audience cares about. No matter what format you choose, you can make content that your audience would like if you understand why they watch your videos.

8. Use Authentic Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

While it's common to ask viewers to like and subscribe, personalize your CTAs. Share a fun fact, ask a question related to the video content, or engage them in a unique way before making that subscription request. Make it a part of your storytelling.

9. Dive Deep into Analytics

While most creators check views and subscriber counts, deep diving into watch time, audience retention, and playback location can offer insights into what's working on your channel (and what's not). This isn't just number crunching; it's about understanding viewer behavior.

Some data can tell you what your audience explicitly isn’t saying with words, and it’s important to have an understanding of that. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the link below!

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10. Keep Learning

In this age of content creation, having the right skills to do the job isn't enough—no, not for the longterm. As a creator, it helps when you're willing to learn more about YouTube and update your knowledge as needed to make better content.

The digital space is ever-evolving. Dedicate time each month to learn something new, whether it's a video editing technique, a storytelling method, or the latest in camera tech.

YouTube Is Challenging, But You Can Do it!

Every niche has its stars, and the competition is fierce. That's why standing out requires more than just creativity. It's about fine-tuning the technical aspects, understanding your audience, and constantly evolving. These tips are not exhaustive, but they're often overlooked in favor of more generic advice.

It's okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but don't stop learning and improving! Stay curious, keep experimenting, and remember why you started creating in the first place. And remember to avoid these three costly mistakes!