How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube: Find the Best Opportunities

The secret of starting a successful Gaming channel on YouTube is knowing just when to pivot. Read the secret to success from vidIQ

Welcome to the latest in vidIQ’s recent series on how to start a Gaming channel on YouTube. And this post’s tip is - no game lasts forever, and at some point you will have to pivot. This advice ties itself all the way back to another tip, which is you must become the star of your own YouTube channel. Once you've built an audience, gained their trust, they become subscribers, super fans, then you should be able to take them on a journey with whatever game you like.

When pivoting, you might want to start with games that your core audience is familiar with or comfortable with. So, for example, a lot of Clash of Clan YouTubers went onto Clash Royale. For Fortnite gamers, you might want to move onto Call of Duty, or some similarly themed topic.

When you've built a huge audience, you can go wherever you want. That might be nostalgic retro games that you're a big fan of, or your favorite games of all time. For example, mine is Golden Eye on the N64. But I don't think VidIQ is quite ready for a ‘Let's Play’ on that yet.

To summarize, find an audience, become their best buddies, and then take them on a gaming journey wherever you want it to go.

It seems like these days everybody wants to have a Gaming channel on YouTube, so the competition is more fierce than ever before. And it's relentless. In fact, you could say it's like putting your video game on the hardest difficulty setting. Are you dedicated enough to beat it? That's up to you.

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