How to Use Copyright Music on YouTube Completely Legally

Hands up who wants to use a track from their favorite artist in their YouTube video but doesn't want a copyright strike? Find out how to use copyrighted music legally in this episode of TubeTalk.
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We all want to use the latest commercial music or a track from our favorite artist in our YouTube videos. But we also want to do it the right way, without fear of attracting any copyright strikes.

So how do you do that? Someone who knows everything there is to know about the music industry and YouTube is the Founder and CEO of Lickd, Paul Sampson.

Lickd is a chart-music licensing platform for video creators and Paul has spent over 15 years creating revenue with music licensing. In this episode of TubeTalk you will learn:

  • The differences between royalty-free vs copyright claims-free vs production music vs commercial music
  • How the YouTube copyright system actually works from a brand's point of view
  • Who gets the money if your video is claimed
  • Why you should NEVER use Royalty-free music from Soundcloud
  • How to legally use your favorite artist's track in your next video

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Want to Know More About Copyright Issues?

Can you take somebody else's music and use it in the background of your video as long as you credit them in the description? Do you really know your rights when it comes to your content and what you can and cannot do?

Find out more about the wonderful world of copyright in our expert's guide to Fair Use & copyright on YouTube.

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