YouTube Stories: The Best Way to Quickly Engage With Your Subscribers

YouTube Stories is a fantastic tool for helping creators communicate directly to subscribers. Find out how it can be your greatest public relations asset too.

YouTube Stories are an incredible way to connect with your community, but did you also know the feature can be absolutely invaluable when it comes to managing any kind of negative feedback?

As a YouTuber, creating content that is authentic to your brand can feel not only stressful but precarious. The task of being true to yourself and original while constantly watching everything you say is a difficult one.

Many YouTubers have had unintentional PR blunders, but successful creators take proper and prompt action to mitigate them. Accidents happen, but here’s how YouTube’s Story feature can help with audience retention after social backlash from viewers.

How YouTube Stories Help You Connect to Your Community

YouTube stories are clips that last for 15 seconds and expire after 7 days. It is a mobile-only feature which is beneficial since 70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices. As soon as a subscriber accesses your channel or opens the YouTube app, they can immediately see your Story, which makes the feature a casual and quick way for content creators to connect to their audiences without taking the time to create a video.

YouTube Stories is such a powerful tool for building community engagement that vidIQ highlighted the feature earlier this year:

Between scripting, editing, filming, audio mixing, and more, the average time it takes to make a video is 7 hours. This may seem like a short period of time, but the social backlash ball rolls quickly, and therefore, it is very important to act quickly. Typically, the best apologies are those that are short, sweet, unscripted, and offer no excuses.

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YouTube’s Story feature can be used to speedily aid in the process of re-establishing trust while reducing time spent on the issue.

Typically, the longer you wait to respond, the more tarnished your public image as a YouTuber can become. YouTube’s story feature is a quick way to ease tensions before they gain momentum or possibly even result in the loss of viewership.

Because viewers can see your Story on their home feed, they may even see your Story before they see any content that is causing a fuss.

Although YouTube has removed its direct messaging feature, you can still reconnect with your viewers in a personal way by posting an impromptu Story. While fans and viewers can comment on your Story through the feature, you can also respond directly to fans with a photo or video that will be viewable by the entire community.

Although YouTube Stories are typically unprepared and spontaneous, the feature affords content creators an unscripted and immediate way to reconnect with viewers.

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