Discover the Top YouTube Gaming Niches for 2024

If you're looking for a suitable niche in the YouTube gaming sphere, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover which channel topic is right for you!

So, you want to become a gaming creator on YouTube but are still undecided on what to upload? Well, the good news is that you’re spoilt for choice! On YouTube, gaming has a sizeable audience and plenty of niches to choose from. With that kind of popularity, it's not surprising to see gamers growing new channels every week.

Every niche comes with its prerequisites, and although they aren’t written in stone, some have been proven favorable by history. So, here are 6 niches you can explore to start a YouTube gaming channel.

1. Speedrunning

Speedrunning in gaming means finishing a video game, or parts of it, as quickly as you can. And while exploring specific in-game mechanics and glitches is something viewers love to see, you need to be a highly-skilled gamer to get good speedruns consistently.

By extension, choosing the right game becomes the most important decision here. Since you’ll likely be spending hours, maybe months on the game, it's wise to pick something you enjoy playing casually. There are many popular options to choose from like Super Mario 64, Minecraft, and Zelda, which are classics in this genre. Once you’ve established yourself as a credible speedrunner in one game, you can explore more games.

It's no coincidence that speedrunning collected over a billion views in 2021. Check out popular creators like EasySpeezy and Karl Jacobst to see what it's all about!

2. Let’s Play

The Let’s Play niche has been popular in YouTube gaming for many years now; some might even say this is where gaming on YouTube started. Contrary to speedrunning, raw skills are not as vital in this niche. A successful Let’s Play creator is engaging and entertaining while also contributing some of their expertise to the video.

Let's Play channels have all kinds of viewers. While some users like YouTube Shorts with some commentary, others prefer receiving 30-minute videos every day. But regardless of the content you make, it needs rich storytelling and your creative vision.

Need inspiration? Check out the OGs in this niche like Markiplier and Chuggaconroy who’ve been doing it for years now!

3. Gameplay Walkthroughs

Have you ever been stuck on a particular level in a game and looked for a way out on YouTube? Most likely, you sought help from a video game walkthrough. These videos show less experienced players how to win faster and better.

Plus, walkthroughs give viewers a sneak peek into games that they aren't able to purchase yet. In addition to letting viewers unwind, they may be a useful resource for gamers who want to understand exactly what a game delivers and whether its plot is compelling.

Check out PewDiePie, theRadBrad, World of Longplays, and other walkthrough channels for some nice and cozy content.

4. Gaming Video Essays

Recently, we've noticed that long, descriptive content based on certain games (or categories of games) is gaining traction on YouTube. Most of these are video essays and documentaries; they require creators to spend more time on their content and focus heavily on production.

If you're someone who truly enjoys the experience of a video game and can translate that through stories and anecdotes, go for it! Share your own unique experience (which no one else can replicate).

Two channels have done this very well: Space Cadet Rewind and Idyl.

5. Game Guides and Tutorials

Gameplay walkthroughs can help you with temporary problems, but guides and tutorials allow you to dig deeper. A content creator in this niche not only requires some nice mechanical skills but also extensive knowledge of a game.

The primary goal of gaming tutorials should be to help viewers win. In general, a tutorial should address a concern that someone else could have, such as how to navigate a challenging level or comprehend a weaponry system.

IGN and Game Guides Channel do a great job of making engaging and creative gameplay guides, so check them out!

6. Livestreaming

A few years back, almost everyone thought of Twitch when it came to gaming livestreams. But YouTube is keeping up with that giant and even has exclusive streamers who bring in millions of views.

Livestreaming in general requires specific skills to produce a good video. You have to be aware of the entertainment you’re providing without compromising the quality of your content while also interacting with the chat. It's a plateful, but the rewards can be exceptional. Livestreaming is one of the best ways to establish a brand on YouTube now and it’s only going to get bigger.

Popular names in this niche are iShowSpeed, TimTheTatman, and Dr. Disrespect among others.

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7. Gaming Reviews/News

If you like games but don’t want to play them on your channel, this niche is where you’ll find your footing. Viewers will show up to get an idea of what they want to play next or discover new titles on the way.

That's because watching video game reviews is one of the best ways to determine whether a game is worth purchasing. And, of course, the best place to watch them is on YouTube! It's a platform with millions of creators who have a wide range of opinions.

You can also share gaming news to keep your pool of content wider. Remember, the key to standing out here is cultivating and expressing your own opinion to set yourself apart.

Gameranx and Worth A Buy are a couple of really good channels here.

Which Gaming Niche Will You Choose?

As mentioned above, these aren’t the only gaming niches to pursue — just the most popular. You can break these down even further and venture off into hundreds of sub-niches that exist today or are waiting to be created. There will always be something unique to explore, so stay sharp.

For more tips, watch this video explaining how four different gaming channels have mastered their craft and continue to grow on YouTube!

To sum it all up, the niches above have been reliable for a long time, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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