The Secret to Standing Out as a Small YouTube Creator

Getting people to notice you on YouTube is simple in theory but difficult in practice. Let’s explore why (and how) small channels become big ones.

For just a moment, let's forget about the growth tips we normally discuss, like using the right keywords, designing thumbnails, and finding the perfect video title. They're crucial on YouTube, but you need more than that to stand out in 2023. These days, it's more important to know the message behind your content.

In other words, what perspective will you bring to YouTube? Turning your small channel into a big one happens much faster when you have something to say and when you target the right viewers.

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But by now, you probably know that any old perspective won't cut it on YouTube. It must be unique. Your viewpoint should draw people in and bind them to your channel. It should connect people to you and not just your content.

How to Find Your Unique Perspective on YouTube

This will sound a bit cliché, but we have to say it: Unique channels are run by creators who know how to be themselves.

You've probably heard that before, but it's 100% true. We don't think of someone as "unique" until they dare to be themselves, and that takes a lot of authenticity — tons of vulnerability.

So, how do you build a unique perspective? We've seen it happen in multiple ways:

  1. Combine two interests to create an uncommon YouTube niche.
  2. Share your personal story or your life's mission.
  3. Do hard, unexpected things.

Create a New Niche by Fusing Topics

Let's play a game real quick. Grab a pen and paper, and then write down all the hobbies and interests you could talk about on YouTube. When you're done, combine any two interests and see how they fare as a YouTube channel topic.

What's the point of doing this? Well, you'll notice that the most interesting channels are pretty unconventional. Mikasacus, a channel that reviews the most basic stuff, is the perfect example. Their latest video is a review of cats and their existence, and before that, they reviewed air, water, and anxiety.

Mikasacus has a unique perspective, which is "pay attention" — to dull things, common things, hidden things, or, frankly, everything. To illustrate that point, they combine the idea of "video reviews" with the practice of extreme observation. And a new YouTube niche was born: uncommon reviews.

With 342,000 subscribers, we're assuming it worked!

Share Your Personal Story or Mission

A common misconception is that small creators shouldn't share their personal stories on YouTube — just search-based content. And sure, maybe you don't have thousands of viewers just yet. But if a story connects with thousands of people, it doesn't matter if you're virtually unknown. You can still hook people with relatable content.

Need an example to follow? Check out Phil Cofer. He makes vulnerability a habit by opening up to his audience about his past, explaining his life choices, and encouraging others to hang on through tough times. His latest upload is about choosing a plant-based lifestyle, and it has all the ingredients of a soon-to-be viral video. There's a trending topic, a personal mission, and raw emotion.

Phil's unique perspective is that there's always something better waiting, no matter what happens. And his subscribers (180,000) seem to agree.

Do Hard, Unexpected Things

You're bound to stand out if you do things nobody one else can do. That's why MrBeast, a creator who does elaborate challenges, is so famous today. His main channel has 169 million subscribers, but that wasn't always the case! MrBeast was once a small creator who stood out by doing the impossible on YouTube.

In fact, he first went viral for counting to 100,000 in one sitting!

The idea worked because:

  1. It was hard. (Seriously, who has the patience to count to 100,000?)
  2. Nobody expected it, so the video caught people by surprise.

You could argue that MrBeast has a unique perspective, but it's not about wild challenges and stunts. He's telling us that nothing is impossible.

What About Keywords and YouTube Search?

You've probably heard this a million times:

"The number one way to stand on YouTube is by making content people are searching for."

And while that's correct, it's also true that thousands of people are doing the same thing.

On YouTube, 10,000 videos can share the same keywords. They're in the video title, description, hashtags, or all three. But the best video — the one YouTube recommends to viewers — stands out because it's satisfying.

So yes, optimize your videos for more views. Use the best keywords, hashtags, and thumbnails in your arsenal. But also, make sure your video has an original, authentic message. That's going to bring more YouTube subscribers to your channel.