6 Places to Find Trending YouTube Topics for Your Videos

YouTube trends don't just happen inside of YouTube. If you want to find viral topics that grow your channel, it's time to look outside of the platform.

An important question pops up on the road to more views and subscribers:

Which topics are trending on YouTube, and where do I find them?

The truth is that, sometimes, you have to look outside the platform. The best trending topics for YouTube are all over the internet, and the more places you look, the more trends you'll find!

Here are six reliable places to begin your search.

1. Browse the Google Trends Website

Remember how we said the best trends happen outside of YouTube? Well, Google Trends will help you discover those moments. This tool shows the popularity of any topic on the internet over an extended period of time.

Here’s how to use Google Trends for YouTube purposes.

Option 1: Trending Searches

1. Go to Google Trends and click Trending Now in the left navigation bar.

2. Select a country, then browse the first two tabs on the screen: daily search trends and real-time search trends.

The daily option shows what’s been trending in the last few days, and the real-time option shows searches that are trending right now. Both results should give you a general idea of what’s popular online.

Option 2: YouTube Search

1. On the Google Trends homepage, type something into the search bar — preferably a topic related to your channel. As an example, we’ll use “pumpkin spice latte.”

2. Choose a region, time period, category, and then select YouTube for the search type.

Analyze the graph to see how popular your topic is. In this example, “pumpkin spice latte” is picking up steam as fall approaches.

Want to go even deeper? Scroll down and view the related topics/queries panel. You’ll find even more topics related to your original search that could spark great video ideas.

2. Check the Trending Tab on YouTube

If you're wondering how to see trending topics on YouTube, look no further than the explore section. Below that, there's a trending tab showing the most popular videos on YouTube right now.

Head to the YouTube homepage, then click Trending on the left navigation bar.

This page will show you the top trending videos on YouTube by category: music, movies, gaming, and more. It’s not as detailed as Google Trends, but it’s a great place to see what’s happening within different niches.

3. Discover Trending Searches on YouTube

As a busy content creator, sometimes you just need to know what people are searching for on YouTube. vidIQ has a new tool that can help you out with that, and it's called global rising keywords. It shows you which YouTube searches are rising in popularity so you can take advantage of them!

The tool will show you:

  • Top rising keywords today, this week, or this month, by language.
  • Monthly search volume and competition score for keywords.
  • The growth percentage of a keyword's search volume.
  • A filter for searching keywords by YouTube niche.
  • An overall keyword score (higher is better).

For example, the search term "Colorado vs. Oregon" (referring to U.S. football) rose in popularity by 1,200% today! The keyword score is 61, which means it has high search volume and not much competition! You'd have a decent shot at getting more YouTube views.

By far, this is the best way to see YouTube search trends on the rise. Click here to sign up for vidIQ for free, then navigate to our web app to see the data you need!

4. Find Hot Topics on TikTok

TikTok is where trends are born. If you want to know what’s trending right now (or will eventually trend on YouTube), it makes sense to open TikTok.

But “watching videos” is only the first step. If you want to get up to speed much faster, explore trending videos and hashtags in the TikTok Creative Center.

Go to the TikTok Creative Center, then select the Trends tab. From there, you can view trending hashtags, songs, videos, and creators who also end up on YouTube!

5. Get Daily Video Ideas (with Performance Predictions)

If you’re looking for video ideas that fit your channel, Daily Ideas from vidIQ can help. Every day, you'll get three video ideas when you sign up for a free vidIQ account.

But these aren’t just any old ideas. We use artificial intelligence to suggest video ideas that match your content!

Plus, each video idea comes with a performance prediction: low, medium, high, or very high views. With that type of data, you can choose in-demand topics for your channel. You can even see top-ranked videos for a particular subject.

Here’s how to get Daily Ideas for your YouTube channel:

1. First, sign up for vidIQ.

2. Go to the YouTube homepage and click Daily Ideas in the left navigation bar.

3. Browse the idea cards. Click Save to store ideas for later or Dismiss to send them to the dismissed collection.

4. Click the list icon in the top right corner to see more video ideas at once. Select any idea to see top-ranked videos for the topic!

6. Discover Trending YouTube Topics on X

People go to X (formerly Twitter) to see what’s happening now – as in right now. That makes it the perfect place to find trending topics for your videos.

If you haven’t already, join X and follow some topics that relate to your YouTube channel.

For any topics you follow, you'll begin to see tweets related to those subjects in your feed. That makes it easier to see trends that would make great YouTube videos.

Now that you know how to find trends on YouTube, learn how to test those ideas before using them on your channel.