How to Dominate Your Niche on YouTube [Expert Advice]

How do you dominate your niche on YouTube? In this week's episode of TubeTalk, we talk to a creator who's done just that!
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The key to success on YouTube is to niche down so you dominate that topic on the platform. If you can provide golden content around a particular subject that viewers are looking for, perhaps even providing information they cannot get elsewhere, you are quickly going to build an engaged and loyal community around your channel.

Today's guest is Richard Corbett, and he's done just that by publishing video content for newly injured wheelchair users. His channel, Wheels2Walking, is so inspirational and informative, he's just won a prestigious Shorty Award in recognition of his work. So he's kind of a big deal as a creator.

Not only does Richard have an incredibly inspirational story, but he's got some amazing tips and tricks to share with us about creating content for YouTube. In this podcast you will learn:

  • How circumstances can lead to inspiration
  • How to focus on your audience and deal with haters
  • How you are the brand in your niche
  • How to collaborate with other channels

Click on the podcast links above to listen to Richard's advice, and don't forget to give his social channels a follow!

Wheels2Walking: YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Website

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