10 Small YouTube Channels that Hit 10K Subs [January]

These phenomenal YouTubers got 10,000 subs in just 30 days! Meet 10 rising creators who talk about philosophy, sports, dangerous scams, and more.

Getting 10,000 YouTube subscribers is an impressive feat, so we're thrilled to celebrate 10 creators who did it remarkably fast! They found a way to make interesting videos while attracting tons of viewers and turning those people into loyal subscribers.

Again, congratulations to these skilled YouTubers. They've officially joined the 10K Subs Club!

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Top Channels Passing 10,000 Subscribers in January

1. Narativas Realidades TV (Narrative Realities TV)

This channel narrates entertaining stories in a range of genres.

  • Subscribers in December: 10,100
  • Current subscribers: 35,000

Most-viewed video:

2. Scammer Allergy

"Scambaiting" is the focus of this channel. The creator pranks people who try to scam others!

  • Subscribers in December: 16,900
  • Current subscribers: 24,300

Most-viewed video:

3. Alex PlayZ GameZ

This is a unique channel that does split-screen videos; the top half is a viral clip, and the bottom half is the creator doing arts and crafts.

  • Subscribers in December: 70,100
  • Current subscribers: 70,100

Most-viewed video:

4. The Analytic Ape

The Analytic Ape makes videos filled with wisdom and philosophical insights.

  • Subscribers in December: 14,700
  • Current subscribers: 37,100

Most-viewed video:

5. Inspirational Quotes Hub

This channel creates videos filled with inspirational quotes.

  • Subscribers in December: 10,200
  • Current subscribers: 14,300

Most-viewed video:

6. The Mick & Pat Show

The Mick & Pat Show is a podcast about music, politics, literature, technology, film, and TV.

  • Subscribers in December: 14,300
  • Current subscribers: 21,100

Most-viewed video:

7. Pelukis Cita-Citaku (Painter of My Dreams)

This channel shows the drawing, coloring, and painting process.

  • Subscribers in December: 58,300
  • Current subscribers: 58,600

Most-viewed video:

8. FEY

FEY is a commentary channel that tackles many topics, such as social media, music, and the job market.

  • Subscribers in December: 13,500
  • Current subscribers: 20,400

Most-viewed video:


FOX_TM does commentary reactions to viral clips online.

  • Subscribers in December: 67,800
  • Current subscribers: 92,000

Most-viewed video:

10. Medya Football

Medya Football creates short videos about soccer players around the world.

  • Subscribers in December: 75,200
  • Current subscribers: 110,000

Most-viewed video:

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