ChatGPT for YouTubers Is Here: How to Use vidIQ’s AI Coach

YouTube doesn't have to be hard. Ask our AI Coach for personalized advice about growing your YouTube channel, 24/7.

Getting personalized feedback that you can use to grow and expand your content is a big challenge on YouTube. We all know there's plenty of data in the YouTube Studio, but it takes time to dig through it all and even more time to understand the metrics. Meanwhile, the bigger question gets lost in the madness: "What can I do to grow my channel right now?

If you need a shortcut, AI Coach from vidIQ has the insights you've been looking for. This AI-powered chatbot uses your channel's data to answer important questions about your content, such as:

"How do I get more views? Which videos should I make next? How's my YouTube channel performing?"

AI Coach is for YouTube creators who need real, actionable advice. By providing personalized insights, channel audits, and content creation support, AI Coach connects with your channel data to reveal the best growth strategies on YouTube.

Best of all, our YouTube coach is powered by ChatGPT-4, a chatbot that understands your questions, follows the flow of a conversation, and provides human-sounding responses. So you're not just getting personalized advice; you're also getting the tech-savvy magic that comes with artificial intelligence.

We like to think of it as GPT-4 + Your Channel = The Ultimate YouTube Coach.

How to Chat with AI Coach

Getting started with AI Coach is easy and only takes four steps:

1. Go to and click 'Start Chatting.'

With a free vidIQ account, you can ask for title ideas, video ideas, script assistance, and general YouTube advice. Subscribe to our Boost plan to unlock personalized advice, channel audits, data-driven insights, and the latest GPT capabilities.

2. Type a question into the 'Ask Me Anything' box, or choose one from the prompt library. Click 'Send' to get a response.

Some example prompts are:

  • How do I get more views?
  • What do you think of my channel?
  • Improve this title…
  • Write a description for a video about…
  • How can I improve my channel?
  • Which of my videos is performing better in terms of watch time and audience retention?

3. Ask follow-up questions to get detailed advice.

It's just like a normal conversation, so your AI Coach will remember everything you said in the conversation when giving responses.

4. Click 'Reset' to start a new conversation.

Skip Hours of YouTube Planning and Strategizing

With AI Coach, you'll save more time and accomplish more goals on your YouTube channel. Interacting with the tool allows you to:

  • Get expert advice on demand: Chat with AI Coach anytime, and explore the prompt library to kick off a conversation.
  • Gain insights into your channel performance: See what is or isn't working, then use the insights to improve your content strategy.
  • Increase engagement and YouTube views: Get personalized titles and video ideas so you can reach the right viewers and turn them into subscribers.
  • Create content faster: Skip the channel research and let AI Coach suggest your next video hit.

FAQ: More Details About AI Coach

How many videos should I have on my channel to get the most out of AI Coach?

To receive the most accurate and tailored advice, your channel should have at least two videos within the last 60 days.

How quickly can AI Coach access and process my YouTube data?

AI Coach takes up to 72 hours to analyze new videos on your channel and provide insights.

What kind of metrics and insights can vidIQ's AI Coach offer me?

AI Coach analyzes crucial metrics, including:

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Subscribers gained/lost
  • Estimated minutes watched
  • Average view percentage

It also analyzes the performance of your top, worst, and most recent videos, offering valuable recommendations for your channel.

Can AI Coach compare my channel's performance with other channels?

AI Coach is designed to focus on your channel's metrics and deliver personalized advice rather than directly comparing it to other channels.

YouTube Coaching for Channels of All Sizes

vidIQ makes YouTube coaching accessible to all creators. Using decades of expertise and cutting-edge technology, we built the world's first AI coaching platform just for you! It's for small channels, large channels, and everything in between.

Ready to get started? Click here to chat with your AI Coach.