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Why are YouTube video ideas important?

YouTube video ideas are crucial for engaging and growing your audience. They spark creativity, allowing you to produce unique and compelling content. Good ideas also improve SEO, attract more views, and encourage viewer interaction. Ultimately, innovative video ideas can boost your channel's visibility and subscriber count.

What makes for a good YouTube Video Idea?


A good YouTube video idea is relevant to your channel's theme and audience. It matches the interests and expectations of your viewers.


A unique idea stands out from the crowd, attracts attention, and can make your video go viral. Originality adds value to your channel.


Engaging ideas encourage audience interaction, through likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions, boosting your video's visibility.


Educational or informative content builds credibility and trust with viewers, who may return for more learning opportunities.

Entertainment Value

A good video idea entertains, retaining viewers' attention and making them more likely to watch until the end and return for future videos.


Ideas incorporating trending topics or popular keywords improve search engine optimization (SEO), making your video more discoverable.

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Grow your channel with the power of artificial intelligence

You can think of Daily Ideas as your AI co-pilot on your YouTube journey. Our machine learning model generates ideas by analyzing lots of channels that produce similar content to yours, as well as your own videos. This model then looks at what has recently worked well for all these channels and uses these insights to smartly suggest ideas for videos you could consider making.

How to find better video ideas with vidIQ’s Daily Video Ideas Feature

Discovering better YouTube video ideas is now easier with vidIQ’s Daily Video Ideas Feature. Think of this as your AI co-pilot on your YouTube journey, using machine learning to analyze numerous channels that produce similar content to yours, as well as your own videos. The model then evaluates what has recently worked well for these channels and uses these insights to intelligently suggest potential video ideas for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a good video idea spark more YouTube views?

A good video idea is the spark that ignites the potential for more YouTube views. When a video idea is unique, engaging, and relevant, it draws in viewers who are likely to stay, watch the entire video, and possibly share it with others. This in turn increases the video's visibility, attracting even more viewers. A strong idea provides a foundation for compelling content that stands out amidst the vast amount of videos on YouTube.

But what about the viewers you haven’t reached? How do you make your videos discoverable from every corner of YouTube?

The best solution is to use the right keywords in your channel name, video titles, and video descriptions. That’s how people find you organically on YouTube.

Ranking for relevant keywords isn't easy, though. That’s where vidIQ can help with keyword research tools that unlock the power of YouTube's search engine.

How to pick a good YouTube video idea ?

Picking a good YouTube video idea involves understanding your audience, aligning with your niche, analyzing trends, considering potential engagement, and evaluating practicality. It's essential to choose an idea that resonates with your audience, fits your channel's niche, and is feasible for you to produce.

Consider our suggestions for potentially viral video concepts. These include quick, engaging content formats like tutorials, life hacks, before and after videos, quick tips, debunking myths, motivational videos, fun facts, unboxing or reviews, and re-purposing long-form content​.

Finally, make sure to create a compelling hook to engage your viewers and elicit strong emotional responses, as these factors can enhance the success of your YouTube video.

What type of YouTube videos typically get the most views or engagement?

The types of YouTube videos that often get the most views or engagement tend to have a few key characteristics:

  1. 1. Relevance: These videos are often centered around trending topics or popular themes, such as tutorials, product reviews, challenges, vlogs, or gaming content.
  2. 2. Value: They provide value to viewers, whether it's educational, entertainment, or emotional value. This can include how-to videos, inspirational stories, comedy sketches, or thought-provoking discussions.
  3. 3. Quality: High-quality videos, both in terms of content and technical aspects (like video quality, sound, editing, etc.), tend to attract more viewers and engagement.
  4. 4. Engagement: Videos that invite viewer participation, such as by asking for comments, likes, or shares, can also enhance engagement.
  5. 5. Optimization: Well-optimized videos, with effective titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails, can draw more views.
Remember, what works best can vary greatly depending on your specific audience, niche, and content style. It's always a good idea to experiment and monitor your analytics to understand what works best for your channel.

The types of YouTube videos that typically get the most views or engagement tend to have certain common traits. They are often based on trending topics or have the ability to entertain, educate, or emotionally connect with the audience. Categories such as tutorials, life hacks, before and after videos, quick tips, and unboxing or review videos have proven to be quite engaging

What type of YouTube video titles get massive clicks?

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