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What Is Boost+ Coaching?

Growing your YouTube channel in 2020 and beyond relies on a winning combination of creativity and audience development strategy. You’ve got the creativity part down, but that’s only half the battle. Creators who are growing their channels at a phenomenal rate do so because they understand the opportunities on YouTube. For the most successful YouTubers, building a successful programming strategy isn’t something that’s left to chance.

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Achieve Your YouTube Goals Faster!

At vidIQ we understand the challenges creators face, and are excited to introduce Boost+ Coaching to help take your channel to the next level and beyond. Boost+ Coaching is a new service that takes a deep-dive into YOUR channel to help you reach your YouTube goals faster.

Working with a YouTube Certified expert, Boost+ Coaching offers an incredible deal for creators that includes:

  • An automatic subscription to vidIQ Boost
  • Monthly 1-hour virtual coaching call
  • Personalised tips and tricks for your specific YouTube channel
  • A deep-dive into your analytics to benchmark, and build on, performance
  • Identifying the competitors in your space to understand what’s working for them and how to replicate that success

Who is Boost+ Coaching For?

The Boost+ Coaching program is for anyone serious about growing their YouTube channel, and wants clear and personalized instruction on how to do so. It’s for creators who want a coach to guide them through the often confusing process of understanding how the platform works to:

  • Grow your YouTube views and subscribers
  • Confirm the opportunities for growth in your genre
  • Build an engaged community around your audience
  • Understand the metrics around successful content
  • Build a solid strategy around programming and publishing

Why should You Join Boost + Coaching?

Get your very own YouTube certified coach to help you grow your channel for only $499 Per Month. This is a very limited offer and we plan to sell out quickly.

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