8 YouTube Podcasts to Help Grow Your Channel

Podcasts are an excellent resource for learning how YouTube works. Soak up advice from other creators and grow your channel with these eight fascinating shows.


Do you need a break from books, courses, and videos about growing a YouTube channel?

If so, let your eyes rest for a bit and listen to the material instead. There are plenty of podcasts for learning the best YouTube tips from virtually anywhere – the park, the grocery store, and even on the bus.

8 Podcasts About YouTube Channel Growth

To grow on YouTube, you need the right advice from trusted experts.

The best YouTube podcasts have four things in common:

  1. A host who is also a video creator
  2. High listener ratings
  3. Interviews with YouTube creators
  4. The core growth topics: views, subscribers, Watch Time, audience, etc.

Here are eight podcasts living up to those standards.

1. The Think Media Podcast

  • Hosts: Heather Torres (COO, Think Media) and Sean Cannell (founder, Think Media)
  • Apple podcast rating: 5.0

Think Media is more than a podcast. Headed by longtime creator Cannell, Think Media is an education business with video courses and an expansive YouTube channel showing tech reviews, camera guides, and YouTube growth tips.

The Think Media podcast is a bit more focused. You’ll learn how to get videos noticed on YouTube and scale a business with online video. Plus, there are always interesting guests on the show, such as legal commentator Emily D. Baker and entrepreneur Peter Voogd.

2. The Colin and Samir Show

  • Hosts: Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry, news and culture creators
  • Apple podcast rating: 4.9

If you’re looking for one of the best YouTube podcasts, check out The Colin and Samir Show. This dynamic duo interviews the biggest YouTube stars, such as tech expert Marques Brownlee and philanthropist MrBeast.

Each week, Rosenblum and Chaudry share the fascinating perspective of video creators: how they think, why they create, and how listeners can repeat their success. They also share news about the creator economy, including TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch updates.

3. Women Of YouTube

  • Host: Desiree Martinez, social media expert
  • Apple podcast rating: 4.8

Are you looking for female YouTubers with podcasts? Tune in to Women of YouTube, an empowering show hosted by Desiree Martinez. Each week, female creators talk about their growth on YouTube and how they beat tough challenges – especially as women centering themselves on the internet.

When listening to Women of YouTube, you get it all: the motivation to keep creating, tips to go full-time on YouTube, and moving creator stories.

4. TubeTalk: Your YouTube How-To Guide

  • Host: Vyyyper, tech creator and vidIQ executive producer
  • Apple podcast rating: 4.6

Growing a YouTube channel is hard, but it gets easier the more you listen to TubeTalk. Powered by vidIQ, this podcast tackles questions serious creators are asking. You’ll learn how to get more views and subscribers, monetize your channel, and start a thriving online business.

vidIQ is a trusted brand with a YouTube education channel and digital tools for growing your audience. You’re in good hands with this podcast, so don’t forget to tune in each week.

5. The Create Unknown

  • Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor of Vsauce2
  • Apple podcast rating: 4.8

There are plenty of YouTubers with podcasts, but none quite as “deep” as Lieber and Tabor. Listening to The Create Unknown just feels right, mainly because the hosts weave smart commentary with fun jokes.

All that aside, you’re still learning about YouTube. The hosts interview people like iDubbbz, Casey Neistat, and iJustine to learn how they succeed with online video. From the background music to the podcast art, you’ll revisit a curious ‘80s vibe that imagines creators as “space cowboys” in the content universe.

6. The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

  • Host: Erika Vieira, YouTube strategist
  • Apple podcast rating: 4.8

Do you enjoy watching Tati Westbrook put on makeup? Would you spend a Sunday evening listening to Kiva Brent talk about interior design? If so, you’ll enjoy The YouTube Power Hour. This show celebrates beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle creators worldwide.

Best of all, those celebrations come with a healthy dose of education. The podcast explores what most creators want to know, including entrepreneur hacks, YouTube growth tips, and content creation advice.

7. YouTube Creators Hub

  • Host: Dusty Porter, longtime tech creator
  • Apple podcasts rating: 4.8

Whether you want to grow a YouTube channel for business or pleasure, YouTube Creators Hub is an excellent resource. The episodes cover the best YouTube tips and strategies, and you’ll also discover some great tutorials.

If you prefer to hear from creators themselves, listen to Porter interview experts like Matt Gielen of Electric Monster Media and Andrew Kan, master storyteller and video manager at Salesforce. The episodes are brief at just 30 minutes long, so you'll learn a lot in a short amount of time.

8. Video Creators

  • Hosts: Tim Schmoyer (YouTube consultant) and the Video Creators team
  • Apple podcast rating: 4.6

Like Think Media, Video Creators is more than a podcast. More accurately, it’s a YouTube growth agency headed by Schmoyer, a respected video expert. According to the podcast description on iTunes, Video Creators helped clients attract more than 17 billion views on YouTube.

Unsurprisingly, this podcast is all about YouTube strategy. You'll learn which videos to post, how to find the perfect video length, and other valuable tactics. Give it a listen if you plan to dominate YouTube with a brainy approach.

Now that you know the best podcasts to grow your channel, let’s take your video skills to the next level.

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