Will YouTube Shorts Benefit Your Channel? Ask Yourself One Question to Find Out

We've seen creators grow their channels with short, vertical videos. It worked for them, but will it work for you?

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YouTube Shorts have introduced a new way to become a video creator. Instead of posting long, detailed content, creatives now have the option to post vertical videos under 60 seconds.

This new YouTube feature is currently in beta. Regardless, the early version of Shorts is helping creators get millions of views. These views come from a display area called the Shorts shelf; in some cases, it helps content go viral in just a few days.

In this episode of TubeTalk, Dan and Rob share their failures and successes with Shorts. They talk about the tests they've done and share advice for getting more views with short, vertical content.

Should you be posting Shorts on your channel? That's the question we answer in this episode.

You'll specially learn:

  • What you'll gain from posting Shorts. It's possible to get discovered by new viewers and grow your subscribers in a short amount of time.
  • Which creators benefit from Shorts. Regardless of your niche, an entertaining Short has the power to hook viewers.
  • The difficulty in converting Shorts subscribers into long-video watchers. When you gain a Shorts subscriber, can you keep them entertained for longer than 60 seconds?
  • How Shorts monetization works. Spoiler alert: It doesn't! Shorts aren't monetized, and that's something to consider before going all-in with them. Will you seek a different form of income, such as brand deals?

These are good things to know before making your first Short. But still, the question remains: Which creators should post this content?

Rob says one simple question can provide the answer.

"Will my audience enjoy these short videos?" Rob asks. "You've always got to go back to your audience, your community. If they're going to react positively to it, then there's a reason to do it. If you make a couple of videos, and people don't like it, fair enough. You can move on to the next thing."

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