5 Reasons to Start Vlogging on YouTube (and Quit Faceless Content)

Explore why vlogging on YouTube trumps faceless content in human connection, personal growth, and branding potential and why you should make the switch!

The landscape of YouTube is shifting, and while faceless content (like animation, voiceovers, or screen-recorded tutorials) can surely find its niche, there's something unmistakably compelling about vlogging. It's raw, and it's personal. If you do a good job of it, the audience feels seen and heard and finds value in spending time with you!

While we’re the last people to deny the benefits of AI and similar tools that can help streamline the content creation process for faceless channels, it’s still early. And, for some of you, perhaps even harder than you think. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Vlogging Enhances Viewer Connection

While automation and AI are rapidly advancing, there's an irreplaceable value in human connection. Our brains are wired to recognize and respond to faces. When viewers see your expressions, your gestures, and your real-life reactions, they establish a stronger connection with you than they could with a collection of beautiful B-rolls.

This isn’t just sentiment — it’s science! Ever heard of mirror neurons? They’re the little wonders in our brains that make us yawn when someone else yawns. By showing your face, you're giving your audience's mirror neurons a reason to fire, allowing them to literally feel more connected to you.

So, from a psychological perspective, viewers feel more involved in your content. This helps you build a community!

2. You'll Have Fewer Copyright Troubles

If you’re using music, images, and stock videos from third-party platforms on the internet, then copyright strikes are a very real concern that you need to keep in mind. You may take a thousand precautions, but it can still be hard to save your channel from Content ID claims.

By definition, this problem is significantly more likely to happen to faceless channels. And if you’re not careful enough, it may result in the termination of your channel.

On the other hand, if you’re a blog channel, you can shoot your own b-rolls, and have more control over what you want to show and how you want to show it.

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3. You Can Easily Reinvent or Explore New Content

Faceless content can, at times, trap you in a specific genre or style. Vlogging, however, is as varied as the human experience.

One day you might be documenting a solo hike, and the next, you're diving into a DIY project or sharing a candid chat about mental health. Vlogging doesn’t box you in — it invites variety. It's like being given a blank canvas every time, allowing your content to be as multifaceted as you are.

4. It's a Simpler Way to Create

Wait a second! Isn’t vlogging supposed to be complex with all the camera setups, and aren't faceless channels supposed to be automated?

Well, yes and no. When you vlog, you remove several layers of abstraction. You get to be the primary focus, and the world around you is your backdrop. With the rise of smartphones with impeccable camera quality, vlogging can be as simple as 'point, shoot, and share'. Plus, let’s be honest: Setting up a tripod and chatting feels way more organic and less staged.

On the other hand, automated content may look easy on paper, but it isn’t always correct. Since a lot of AI tools are still new, they cannot do the job alone. So, almost every instance of AI usage on your videos requires you to add finishing touches. This might result in you having to expand your skillset significantly or having to spend more on professional services.

5. You'll Get More Brand Deals

Brands love faces. With vlogs, you become a recognizable personality, not just a channel. This opens doors to brand endorsements, collaborations, and other monetization opportunities that rely on personal influence.

Also, viewers are more likely to trust a product or service recommended by someone they ‘know’. By transitioning to vlogging, you’re essentially humanizing your brand, making endorsements and promotions feel more like friendly recommendations (instead of advertising).

Vlogging: It's Worth A Shot

The shift to vlogging is more than just a change in content format; it's a commitment to authenticity, growth, and building profound connections. And it seems like YouTube wants creators to prioritize that mindset.

So, why not give it a shot? Your future self, with a treasure trove of memories, stronger brand partnerships, and an engaged community of viewers, will thank you. Remember, on YouTube and in life, sometimes the best way to move forward is to step out from behind the curtain and let the world see you shine.

So, here's how to build the right mindset for YouTube success!