How to Network on Clubhouse as a YouTube Creator

Can YouTube creators benefit from Clubhouse? This week, we chat with two experts to learn the app's true value. Plus, keep reading for Clubhouse networking tips!

The power of Clubhouse is no longer a secret. Getting invited to the app is still a challenge, but it’s worth the effort once you’re inside. You can network with experts in almost every industry. There are clubs for real estate agents, digital marketers, musicians, actors, and of course, YouTube creators. Clubhouse is audio-only, so conversations often feel like conferences. There are different rooms, stages, hosts, and moderators. Audience members listen along, sometimes with muted mics.

JayJay Ghatt and Hawa Lewis created a YouTube club for small creators. They called it Rising YouTuber, and at the time, they were still rising themselves. They both had channels with around 1,000 subscribers.

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At first, the goal was to connect with creators and brands. Ghatt, who is a seasoned Pinterest marketer, was seeking community. Lewis was networking to land sponsorships for her beauty channel. Everything changed when creators on Clubhouse asked Lewis for YouTube growth advice. That’s when Ghatt and Lewis started the Rising YouTuber club to help small creators grow.

“When we joined, there were a lot of YouTubers around,” Ghatt says. “We would go into different rooms, and because some creators were larger, they would use terms like KPI (key performance indicator), CPM (cost per mille), and CTR (click-through rate). They would use those acronyms, but they wouldn’t break them down. We said to ourselves, there are smaller creators in this audience that have no idea what they’re talking about."

Solving those problems helped Ghatt and Lewis become Clubhouse experts. They became in-demand moderators and gained YouTube subscribers along the way.

5 Clubhouse Networking Tips

In this episode of TubeTalk, we chat with Lewis and Ghatt about how Clubhouse benefits YouTube creators. They share their experience as Clubhouse moderators and give networking advice to creators.

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To network like a pro, do these five things on Clubhouse:

  1. Read the room. Many Clubhouse rooms operate differently, so observe before speaking. Sometimes listeners can take the stage at any point. In other rooms, audience members speak during a specific time – a Q&A session, for example.
  2. If you’re on stage, let people know you have a channel. Say the name of your channel. Spell it out. Lewis used this strategy to gain new subscribers.
  3. Be authentic. Make sure your introduction is an accurate representation of your lifestyle. Don’t say you offer a service or expertise you don’t have. The real experts will call you out!
  4. Join clubs for small creators. Lewis found that even large creators follow small creator clubs. People in those rooms dissect everything about YouTube because they’re trying to grow. Some even do channel audits.
  5. Stay engaged. Clubhouse conversations feel like podcast episodes. However, everything is live, so pay attention. Don’t miss your chance to ask questions or introduce yourself.

Clubhouse is popular, especially during the pandemic. But how long will the popularity last? That’s what everyone wants to know as businesses reopen and in-person events resume.

Ghatt says Clubhouse will survive. It’s a way to connect with people without worrying about what you look like; on Zoom, there’s constant pressure to look presentable. Lewis agrees but says Clubhouse will be around for a different reason – one that coincides with the pandemic ending.

“Podcasting meets LinkedIn,” Lewis says. “That’s basically Clubhouse. I think it will still work because people can turn their digital events into live events.”

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