How to Block & Remove Sub4Sub Comments on YouTube [Block List Included!]

Sub4Sub comments on YouTube are beyond annoying so here's a way to block them completely - for good!

Nobody likes nor wants to read sub4sub comments so here is how to block them from your channel.

  • Click on your YouTube profile picture in the top right hand corner of your screen
  • Then click on YouTube Studio
  • Click on ‘Settings’ in the left hand column
  • On the screen that pops up click on ‘Community’
  • You’ll see a screen that shows your channel moderators, people you've hidden from your channel, and a section at the bottom called ‘Blocked Words’
  • Add the list of keywords you want to block here

The Blocked words box works very much like video tags. You type in a word or phrase, press enter, and that will create the blocked word. You can use spaces as well to write complete phrases, such as, "Subscribe to me." You can remove blocked words by either clicking on the cross next to the phrase or by pressing the backspace key.

Sub4Sub Keywords to Block on YouTube

To help you get started, this is the list of blocked sub for sub words we use at vidIQ

  • sub4sub
  • subs me
  • sub to sub
  • subscribe to me
  • subscribe me
  • sub to my YouTube channel
  • sub to me
  • like the comment
  • sub back
  • sub 4 sub
  • subscribe to my channel
  • sub me
  • want free subscribers
  • sub me
  • subscribe to my channel
  • like this comment
  • sub for me
  • subs my channel
  • subscribe to my channel

You can also automatically place comments with sub4sub content, or other hashtags and links in them to be held for review. To view and review these comments, go to the ‘Comments’ page in the Creative Studio and you will see three tabs at the top.

  • The ‘Likely Spam’ tab is YouTube's automated attempt to filter out comments such as, "Sub 4 sub?" Which sometimes it gets right, while other times it filters out completely legitimate comments.
  • The ‘Held for Review’ tab is where you will find those comments that have been weeded out from your blocked words list. Oh, and if you're wondering why some of our comments are blurred out, it's because they contain foul and abusive language, so feel free to add such words and phrases to your blocked list too.

You have several options on how you can deal with these comments, you can:

  • Approve them
  • Delete them
  • Report them to YouTube
  • Permanently hide the user from your channel, so you never see any of their comments again

Now, while we're on the subject of comments, vidIQ has a cool little tool that allows you to create comment templates, so instead of typing the same response out many times, to the same question or the same comment, you can do a couple of clicks and it automatically places it in there for you. Saves me tons of time, every single day. And if you're wondering what that one tool is, it's all part of the vidIQ Chrome extension ⬇️

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