5 Tips to Get 40k YouTube Subscribers Like This 'Zelda' Creator

Can you get 40k subscribers on YouTube in just 10 months? While nothing's guaranteed, these five tips from 100 Percent Zelda may help.

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Gaming on YouTube is competitive. Depending on which game you choose to play, it can be hard to stand out among the viral let's play videos or the informative how-to tutorials.

There's a lane for every creator, though. That's what Nikko, also known as 100 Percent Zelda, discovered on his YouTube journey. In just 10 months, he gained nearly 40k subscribers by posting tutorials about Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

How did Nikko grow his channel so quickly?

That's what we reveal in this episode of TubeTalk. In an interesting conversation, Nikko shares his inspiring journey and how he approaches gaming on YouTube.

You'll specifically learn:

  1. How to make focused content that solves a problem for viewers
  2. The value of quickly getting to the point in your videos
  3. How to keep going when you're making popular but repetitive content
  4. The benefits of joining online gaming communities
  5. Why you should make videos that answer specific questions

Want to know Nikko's secret weapon? It's all about taking the first steps - finding the courage to start a YouTube channel, stay the course, and learn from the experience.

"Good is better than best," he says. "Everything that I'm doing, I try to make it as good as possible and not stress about making it perfect... You just have to figure it out. There's only so much you can tell other people [about how to succeed on YouTube]."

5 More Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Growing a YouTube channel is about more than video analytics. On this episode of TubeTalk, you'll learn how to leverage additional tools for success, such as pinned comments, the Community tab, timestamps, YouTube Shorts, and certain ranking signals.

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