Why Storytelling is the Most Important Skill a YouTuber Can Have: TubeTalk Episode 166

The ability to tell a great story is an art that all the top YouTubers have mastered. In this week's TubeTalk podcast, we discuss how you can develop the skill of storytelling to build your audience.

Did you know the way you film yourself has a very real impact on your audience, sometimes in a more negative way than you ever intended? Or that developing the skill for storytelling will turn you from a good YouTuber into a great one?

In this week’s episode of TubeTalk, the YouTuber’s podcast, we speak to a filmmaker who's going to be sharing all the industries tips and tricks on how to get better at storytelling and how to engage your audience. If that's what you're looking for for your videos, this is the episode for you!

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How to put your audience at ease with different filming techniques
  • How storytelling is one of the most important skills a YouTuber can have
  • Tips and tricks for being a better storyteller
  • How providing real value as a creator is the key to more views and subscribers
  • That ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ are the cornerstones of good storytelling

Our guest this week is Victoria Grech, a global authority on filmmaking. Her profession takes her around the world, and her extensive list of clients span Europe, United States, Asia, and Canada.

Tips and Tricks to Being a Better YouTube Storyteller

Victoria started on YouTube by teaching viewers how to use DSLR cameras and just 12 months later was teaching the same subject at Pinewood Film Studios! One of the biggest lessons she learned that as a creator, you have to provide value to the audience.

But how do you convey the passion and expertise you have for a subject to provide that value? By being a great storyteller!

Many of us can stand in front of a camera and reel off 10 things about the latest piece of tech, but can you tell a really good story about those 10 things? Are you delivering the message in the right way?

Victoria confirms that storytelling is a real skill, and it’s one of the major reasons why top creators and production companies can charge the rates they do. The majority of YouTube creators haven’t been to film school and have no real idea the process being scriptwriting or other skills so often approach filmmaking the wrong way. But by understanding how to really communicate with their audience can transform a creator’s content.

Victoria advises any video creator to study neuroscience psychology which will help you take the viewer on a journey. A good script can make the viewer laugh, cry, feel nervous, then feel happy all in 30 seconds!

Tune into this week's TubeTalk podcast to learn how to be an expert storyteller on YouTube. Huge thanks to Victoria for her insights and advice - don't forget to follow her on Twitter and Facebook, and check her website for more details about her work.

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