YouTube to Creators: Spread the Word about Coronavirus

YouTube is encouraging creators to 'spread the word to stop the spread' of coronavirus. Here are some ways YouTubers can play their part in the campaign to #StayHome #WithMe

With over 2 Billion users, YouTube is in a unique position to guide the conversation around the current health crisis the world is facing. And the platform is encouraging creators to spread the word about social distancing and self-isolation to help flatten the curve of growth of coronavirus.

With more countries under lockdown every day, the need to stay at home (unless you are a key worker, or need essential food or health supplies) is truly the only way we can contain the spread of this pandemic.

YouTube has been incredibly responsive to the advice given by Governments around the world and are now actively encouraging creators and influencers to 'spread the word to stop the spread'. It is asking YouTubers to consider publishing positive videos urging their audience to #StayHome, and creating content that viewers will find entertaining and informative under the #WithMe banner.

The platform has also rolled out resources that offer educational support for children, families and adults over the next few months.

YouTube: #StayHome #WithMe

YouTube wants creators to publish content that not only encourages viewers to stay home right now, but offers a way of entertaining and including them in a wide range of activities. Creators who have built an engaged following have the opportunity to support that community with videos that inform, teach, and inspire.

The new initiative, which promotes the #StayHome #WithMe message, is encouraging a sense of community and inclusion among both creators and viewers. YouTube is also offering guidance to ensure your coronavirus videos are advertiser-friendly, factual, and hit the right tone.

On the #StayHome hub, YouTube is curating a range of topics including the following:

The playlists feature a huge range of creators, including late-night talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, who have moved their broadcasts to YouTube:

YouTubers who plan to broadcast Premier or live-stream content around the #StayHome #WithMe campaign are also being offered a range of emojis to use for promotion:

Learn@Home and YouTube Learning

You has also launched a new Learn@Home hub that features informative and educational channels that create content around math, history, the arts, science and many more subjects.

The content is organized by age group with categories for pre school children, kids aged 5 and over, and teenagers. The Learning hub will also provide extra resources around education, such as schedules and relevant playlists.