Top 4 Type of Videos Being Created for New Years

Just need to get that next video out so you can sip back some champagne and celebrate with friends?

Let’s get straight to our latest on our extension of Top Holiday Keywords and Videos with our New Years YouTube research.

This time we are taking are research to the next level and breaking down the trending types of videos.

First, Top New Years Keywords Used (to find this content and keywords you might want to consider):

happy new years, happy new years eve, fireworks, holidays, happy new years 2015, makeup, beauty, holiday makeup, new year’s eve( holiday), new year (holiday), happy new year songs

If you’re video touches on these subjects, think about including them in the title, description and tags!

For researching these keywords yourself..

Best Performing Types of New Years Videos:

  1. Fashion and Makeup

Fashion and Makeup videos are crushing it with 90+% of search results & trending videos are returning videos of this nature. It appear women are searching for New Years preparation makeup videos.

New Year Resolutions Videos:

New Years Music Videos:

New Year Comedy and Parody Videos:

If you’d like a specific video added to these playlists don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!