How This Skateboarding Channel Kickflipped its Way to 5M YouTube Subscribers

We have all heard of niching down, but how about niching up? It's a strategy that Braille Skateboarding used to generate over 5 million YouTube subscribers!
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In this week's episode of YouTube, I spoke with Devin Weber, CEO of Braille Skateboarding, about the techniques the company implemented to become a leader not only on YouTube, but in the hugely competitive skateboarding industry.

Devin shared with us how they found their audience, built a community, and how we can do the same with our own channels. In this episode of TubeTalk you will learn:

  • How to find a gap in the market and use YouTube to fill it
  • What NOT to do - including this one BIG mistake
  • Why experimentation is key
  • Why being brand and family-friendly underpins long-term success
  • Why evergreen content is important for longevity

Click on the podcast link above and take a listen!

Braille Skateboarding: YouTube | Facebook | Website | Instagram | Twitter

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