Coronavirus Anxiety: Tips for YouTubers from a Top Industry Coach

Many YouTubers are struggling with heightened anxiety and stress right now. On this episode of TubeTalk, we discuss the importance of looking after your health as a creative.

We're all currently living through a brand new reality. We're on lockdown for both our own safety, and that of our families, friends and wider community during this coronavirus pandemic.

I have seen plenty of creators asking if they should still even be creating content. Something doesn't feel right to them about it in the current climate. And that's totally understandable given the stress and uncertainty facing the world right now. So on this episode of our TubeTalk podcast (just click the play button above to hear it in full) we’re going to talk about being a creator in a time of crisis, and we have one of the world’s best experts to talk us through what that means for your content.

We’re joined again by our friend Josh Zimmerman from Creator Coach. Josh has already helped an enormous number of creators who suffer from burnout or anxiety around being creative, and is in a unique position to guide us through these extraordinary times.

Josh Zimmerman, Creator Coach: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Josh will talk about what it's like to be a creator or a creative in this new normal, and how you can navigate some of uncertainty or anxiety you may be experiencing right now.

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