4 Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t have to be scary. Give yourself a positive push with the right tools and endless creator support.


You know what they say about comfort zones: Nothing good grows inside them. The only thing brewing in that cozy bubble is fear, doubt, and a hesitancy to try new things.

For many people, YouTube is that new thing. It’s a fun way to build a community or grow a business, but sometimes there’s a tiny voice whispering, Can I really do that?

In this episode of TubeTalk, we ask a new creator, Annette Portalatin, how to quell that fear. Portalatin is a real estate agent who joined YouTube to attract more leads for her business. Before making any videos, she spent months learning about YouTube while also questioning her decision to make videos.

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Eventually, she forced herself to push through.

“If I don’t get started now, then I’ll never get started,” she says of that moment. “I’ll never see how I can grow. Other creators who started when I should have – maybe six months before – they’re way ahead of me now. It’s just something I needed to do.”

Is something holding you back from joining YouTube? Keep reading to discover how Portalatin silenced the doubt in her mind.

1. Let Go of the Need to Be Perfect

On YouTube, perfectionism is a side effect of watching people make fantastic videos. You see their crystal clear footage and wonder how you could measure up to that.

The solution is simple. Don’t.

Man standing on lonely road holding a camera

You’re starting YouTube on day one while watching someone else thrive at day 500. The playing field isn’t even right now. It’s OK to acknowledge that.

Instead of feeling intimidated and deciding not to post, just upload what you have. Give yourself time to figure out YouTube and develop those video skills.

“I went ahead and uploaded my first video, which was terrifying for me, but I did it,” Portalatin says. “I guess I was just procrastinating, and then one day I decided that done is better than perfect.”

2. Find Support In the YouTube Creator Community

You might be a solo creator, but you don’t have to do YouTube alone. You can join friendly communities to find support, mentors, and even collaborators.

Portalatin found her community on Clubhouse. Initially, she came to soak up advice, but she eventually took the stage in YouTube growth rooms.

Those were challenging moments because, as a self-proclaimed introvert, Portalatin didn’t want the attention. But stepping into the spotlight helped her meet new people.

“I had access to all these big and smaller creators to get all the information that I needed so I could start my channel,” Portalatin says. “It was great, and the community is so welcoming. I’m so appreciative that I was able to take advantage of that, and that helped me get on my journey.”

Want to network with small creators? Join our Clubhouse room, Talking YouTube, and explore the vidIQ Discord server.

3. Don’t Stress Over Buying the Right YouTube Equipment

Viewers don’t care what kind of technology you used to make a video. YouTube is a chill platform, so it doesn’t matter if you're posting 4K footage or the standard 1080p. As long as viewers can see and hear you clearly, you’ve done a great job.

“That’s another thing that held me back in the beginning: the equipment,” Portalatin says. “I was listening to [people] in the rooms on Clubhouse talking about all the gear they use, and I wanted to do that. I wanted to have the best gear.”

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But you don’t need fancy equipment, she says. Portalatin has a Canon M50 but shoots on an iPhone for convenience. It’s easy to carry, and there are no complicated settings to tinker with.

4. Make YouTube Less Intimidating by Using vidIQ

YouTube isn’t the monster you think it is when you have support. Help from family and friends makes a difference, but so does having the right YouTube growth tools.

Portalatin uses vidIQ to grow her channel with robust data. Her favorite tools are the video tag suggester and the Daily Ideas generator, which recommends new videos for her channel.

Best of all, you can get those free vidIQ tools by signing up here.

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Free users also get:

  • Live stats bar
  • Video scorecard
  • Basic video analytics
  • 3 Competitor tracking slots
  • 3 Daily Ideas to create better videos
  • The ability to compare video views
  • The ability to track one trend on YouTube
“We offer a free tier for a reason,” vidIQ executive producer Vyyyper says. “As a new creator, you should not be spending unnecessary money because you don’t know if this is something you’re going to be committed to. You don’t know if you’re going to enjoy creating content.”

When you’re ready to go all-in on YouTube, upgrade your plan. The vidIQ Boost tier offers a thumbnail preview tool, keyword research tool, title recommendations, and bulk options for creating YouTube descriptions and channel-wide tags.

So now you know: YouTube is not as scary as it seems. You have both people and technology to help you get started.

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