Tell vidIQ Why You YouTube! #WhyIYouTube

YouTube is full of wonderful creators who each have their own story to tell about their journey. Now vidIQ wants to hear those stories! So tell us why YOU YouTube #WhyIYouTube

Every single YouTube creator has their very own unique story. Each YouTuber has a tale to tell about the first time they picked up the camera, hit record, then posted their content on the platform.

For some, being a YouTube creator is still just a dream. And we understand that it can seem daunting when you are first starting out. It can be a challenge to push yourself, especially if you're unsure about your content or how you will look on screen. However, many of you push through and continue to create and share your vision with the world.

vidIQ was founded on a mission - to help creators. We wanted to provide you with the tools and knowledge it would take to grow a successful channel. We are so lucky to have some incredible creators inhouse who diligently publish video content that educates and informs creators on every step of their YouTube journey. Now we want to turn the camera on YOU!

Let us know how and why you became a YouTuber!

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vidIQ Team: #WhyIYouTube

Let's hear from some of the vidIQ team on what inspired them to become a YouTube Creator.

vidIQ Executive Producer Dan Carson is not only a skilled editor but also a passionate YouTuber! He turned to YouTube in college and found his niche in gaming. Listen to his full story here:

Rob Wilson started YouTubing long before he was “the face” of vidIQ. He did his first video 12 years ago and hasn’t stopped creating since! Over 2000 videos later, he tells us what led him to becoming a YouTuber:

Alan Spicer is a YouTube Certified Expert who offers YouTube tips and tricks for Small YouTubers looking to grow their channels. Listen to what led him to become a creator here:

Don't forget to submit your own #WhyIYouTube video here and let the world know YOUR unique story!

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