How to Get More Views On YouTube By Playing Among Us

Are you playing Among Us like the rest of the world? While you're fixing that spaceship, use these tips to upload the footage to YouTube and get more views.

When Among Us was first released in 2018, few gamers were interested in the online, multiplayer game. However, that changed when COVID-19 spread across the globe and disrupted everyone’s 2020.

As a matter of public safety, cities around the world issued stay-at-home orders and temporary lockdowns. With few entertainment options, bored gamers decided to finally give Among Us a try.

One of those early gamers was Chance Morris, a.k.a Sodapoppin. In July, he started streaming the game to 2.8 million followers on his Twitch channel. By September, the game was so popular that 3 million concurrent viewers played Among Us in one weekend.

Now that Among Us is the talk of the internet, millions of people are accepting the game’s challenge: Repair a malfunctioning spaceship while an "imposter" hunts and kills members of the crew. Everyone’s playing it, from influencer royalty like James Charles to U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Among Us is popular on Twitch, but the game also has a large presence on YouTube. According to vidIQ’s keyword tool, more than 54 million viewers entered the phrase ‘Among Us’ into YouTube’s search bar. And that was just in the past 30 days.

Want to snag some of those views for yourself? Here are some tips for creating awesome Among Us videos.

The Top 10 Among Us Keywords on YouTube

Before you start pumping out Among Us videos, take some time to review the game’s top keywords. Once again, we used the vidIQ keyword to compile this list:

  1. Among Us hacks
  2. Among Us mod
  3. Among Us live stream
  4. Among Us cheats
  5. Among Us glitch
  6. Among Us, but
  7. Among Us funny moments
  8. Among Us gameplay
  9. Among Us imposter
  10. Live Among Us

These are great keywords to consider at the start of your research. But keep in mind that these are the most popular terms, meaning they’re harder to rank for on YouTube. If you have a small to medium-sized channel, use variations of these keywords to stand out from the competition.

‘Among Us Stack Kill’ A Top Keyword for Imposter Strategies

Look at the top 10 keyword list above. ‘Among Us imposter’ makes the cut, but our keyword tool says it's an extremely competitive search term. If you wanted to make content around the imposter side of Among Us, how would you do that and get decent views?

All you have to do is niche down even further. Dig deeper into the thrill of being an imposter, and you’ll find a valuable keyword opportunity: ‘Among Us stack kill’.

The videos attached to this keyword are absolutely hilarious. In them, creators share their strategies for killing multiple crew members at once on the Among Us spaceship.

SKRIMP, a channel with nearly 10K subscribers, got more than 30K views with this “stack killing” video:

Not bad for a channel with less than 10K subscribers, right?

Other channels are experiencing success with “stack kills” too. For example, Senku Official has 1K subscribers and earned nearly 5K views with their video, “Among Us Impostor Secret Stack Kill Strategy.

‘Among Us, But’ Is the Shock Value You Need For More Views

Playing the normal version of Among Us is fun, but the entertainment value explodes on a modded version. Some creators are taking advantage of this by playing/creating outlandish versions of the game, and you should too.

In one example, Tokaint used the ‘Among Us, But’ keyword to showcase their video game development skills. Their video is titled “I Made Among Us, But It’s Single Player (Among You).” That’s a headline many die-hard fans would click, as evidenced by the video’s 2.9M views:

Tokaint has 108K subscribers today, but they didn’t start there. Our community manager Daniel Holzhauer discovered that this channel went from 7K to 100K subscribers in less than a month. Interestingly, their most-watched videos contain the 'Among Us, But' keyword.

Another creator is leveraging this term too. zenVR has 7K subscribers and is getting tens of thousands of views using ‘Among Us, But’.

Admittedly, this keyword is getting some attention from top YouTube gamers, so it’s a tad competitive. However, there’s proof of smaller creators getting more views than they’d normally receive.

Among Us is a fun game and a joyful online trend, but who knows how long it will be popular. If gaming is your niche, use this trendy title to get more views on YouTube.