YouTube Rewind 2018 Hits 2 Million Dislikes in 24 Hours

People seem to really hate the YouTube rewind 2018 video. In the first 24 hours, it received over 2.35 million dislikes making it the 9th most disliked video of all time on YouTube.

YouTube Rewind is designed to celebrate all that is good on the platform. The 2018 edition features Will Smith, Baby Shark, Ninja and many other famous YouTubers. But what was once a loved tradition now seems to be one of those lightning rod videos that people will click on and immediately dislike irrespective of the content.

Here is an explanation on why it did so bad

Marques Brownlee has a lot of great ideas and theories on why this video blew it.

So why all the hate?

Haters are always gonna hate but there just seems to be a lot more of them on YouTube these days. It wasn't always like this. People use to look forward to the annual YouTube Rewind video. In 2012-2016 millions would watch and like it and less than a hundred thousand would dislike it; a ratio of more than ninety percent in the positive.

As the years have gone by and YouTube has become global and more mainstream however, they've also been hit by bad news stories such as adpocalypse and the controversy over Logan Paul - remember he was one of a poster boys of last year's Rewind. 2017 saw a 25% drop in approval while 2018 sees the Rewind being disliked almost twice as much as it is liked.

So what's going on? More people are watching YouTube than ever before, more video creators are making more money on YouTube than ever before yet more viewers seem more disillusioned than ever before

We noticed something about YouTube Premieres

In this video we talk about our thoughts on how they used YouTube Premiers for this video and why that confused us.

We'd love to hear your constructive thoughts on why you think this is happening on YouTube. Let us know in the comments.