YouTube's Community Tab Is Your Super Secret Weapon for Channel Growth

Filming and uploading videos is just one way to grow a YouTube channel. If you want to nurture a community that keeps expanding, don't forget about YouTube's Community tab.

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YouTube is much more than a video sharing platform. Outside of the standard content you get to share with viewers, there's also the YouTube Community tab - a social feed that's easy to use and vital for connecting with your audience.

It takes more than 1,000 subscribers to unlock this feature. But starting October 12, 2021, you will only need more than 500 subscribers to access YouTube's Community tab. When you gain access, you'll have the power to engage with viewers by sharing polls, GIFs, images, text posts, and videos.

In today's episode, Dan and Rob discuss this overlooked feature and how to leverage it in 2021. You'll specifically learn:

  • Who you can reach on the Community tab. It's not just your subscribers; some posts are shown to people that don't even watch your videos.
  • The value of staying in touch with your audience. If you're uploading one video to YouTube each week, you can keep subscribers engaged on the Community tab between uploads.
  • How to promote both old and new videos on the Community tab. When you update the thumbnail and title of an evergreen video, share it on the Community tab to boost its views.
  • The best way to share YouTube videos on the Community tab. Instead of using the video selector, do everything manually. Post the video's thumbnail, some explainer text, then add the video link below. Not many people are doing this, so your post will look different and stand out more.
  • The true power of voting polls. On the vidIQ channel, our Community tab polls get tens of thousands of votes.
  • Why you need to post consistently to the Community tab. In the beginning, it may take months for your audience to notice and engage with your posts.
  • The value of promoting your products/services on the Community tab. You can share a link to your email list, website, or another digital space your audience may find useful.

Ready to nurture your YouTube audience? If so, Rob has a challenge for you:

"The Community tab is so easy to use," he says. "If I was going to challenge anybody, I'd tell them to make one Community post per day for a month to just see what happens. I don't think there's any evidence of the Community tab damaging a channel, so what have you got to lose?"

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