6 Easy Ways to Find Trending TikTok Sounds

Do you want to find trending music on TikTok (without doing too much work)? These apps and websites will curate the best TikTok sounds for you.

There are plenty of ways to find trending TikTok sounds, but not all of them are enjoyable. It takes time to scavenge YouTube for hot songs. Spotify playlists aren't updated fast enough. You could skim the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but then you're limiting yourself to U.S. music — and most importantly, no user-generated sounds.

Instead of finding TikTok trends, your best bet is to have them curated for you. No deep web searches. No stumbling through Reddit pages or outdated "top 10" articles. Just the hottest TikTok sounds at your fingertips.

Here are six helpful resources for your search.

1. Use the vidIQ Viral app

vidIQ Viral curates trending sounds and music in one simple app. All you have to do is download the app, choose your interests, and get playlists curated for you.

There are over 100 playlists, so you'll never have to search for TikTok music. Simply tap on a playlist and browse the top 100 tracks for a specific topic. Those genres include comedy, gaming, sports, beauty, and more.

But if you want to find sounds outside your niche, you can also browse by country, track length, and popular creators.

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In addition to all this, vidIQ Viral lets you:

  • Filter sounds by track length.
  • See which sounds are trending upward or downward.
  • Tap any track to hear it aloud.
  • Bookmark tracks for your favorites list.
  • Discover the top-performing videos for a song or sound.
  • Go directly to TikTok and use songs/sounds in your videos.

2. Check the TikTok Creative Center

The TikTok Creative Center shows trends and insights to help you make better content. Among those trends are:

  1. The most popular songs on TikTok
  2. Songs that are climbing the TikTok charts

You have to sign up for an account to see this data, but browsing the site is pretty easy once you've done so.

1. Go to the trending page of the TikTok Creative Center.

2. Choose a region.

3. Click Songs.

4. Choose between popular or breakout songs. Popular songs are at the top of the charts, and breakout songs are growing in popularity.

5. Select a time frame: Yesterday, last 30 days, or last 120 days.

You'll see a list of 100 top songs once you've made your selections.

Unfortunately, this list doesn't show user-generated sounds. But it does indicate whether songs are trending up or down, their popularity over time, and whether businesses can use them on TikTok.

3. Use TikTok's Search Bar

If you have some time on your hands, use TikTok's search bar to discover popular music for your videos.

Here's how:

1. Open the TikTok app and type 'viral sounds,' 'trending sounds,' or something similar into the search bar.

2. Tap See More.

3. Browse the TikTok sounds list.

This method won't show every trending sound, but it's a start. You can run a variety of searches to get better recommendations on the app.

4. Browse the 'TikTok Viral' Playlist

Too busy to find the top TikTok sounds? Forget "website-digging" and go straight to the viral trends. An in-app playlist called TikTok Viral will show you the top 39 songs on the platform.

1. Open the TikTok app and tap the + button.

2. Tap Add Sound.

3. Tap TikTok Viral at the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap any song to preview it, trim it for a video, or bookmark it for later.

5. See Trending Tracks on TokBoard

TokBoard is a website that shows trending TikTok sounds in a weekly or monthly format. When you click the weekly option, you'll see the top sounds on TikTok for the current week. The monthly option shows the same thing but for 30-day intervals.

For each song, TokBoard shows:

  • A view count
  • The number of popular videos using the sound

You can also preview tracks by pressing the play button on each thumbnail.

One advantage of using TokBoard is that you get more sound results. Instead of seeing the top 50 or so tracks, you get to see hundreds at any given time. We did a deep scroll of this week's trending songs and got 477 results back.

6. View Popular Songs on TokChart

TokChart is similar to TokBoard. But if you're looking for a polished experience (design and functionality), TokChart is where you want to be.

TokChart has two key areas: trending sounds on TikTok and growing sounds on TikTok. "Trending" refers to the most used sounds in the last 24 hours, while "growing" covers the fastest-growing sounds in 24 hours.

If you're looking for trending tracks, TokChart shows you the top 100; if you're looking for growing tracks, that list has 30 options.

For each track, you can:

  • Preview it aloud.
  • See popular videos using the sound.
  • See detailed TikTok stats.

With these resources, you'll never have to wonder which songs are trending on TikTok. Just whip out your smartphone and find the hottest music for your videos!

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