YouTube Verification Policy and the Great Creator Backlash

YouTube announced tighter rules around channel verification, but creator backlash stopped that decision in its tracks.

In YouTube's never ending quest to improve the user experience on the platform, a new policy on verification is being implemented in October 2019.

UPDATE In an update to the official blog post, YouTube stated that "channels that already have the verification badge will now keep it and don’t have to appeal." See more about this in the following video:

YouTube just announced that it is tightening up its criteria for creators to earn (or now keep) a verified badge, which has been a universal symbol of credibility for many years. For more info, check out this video:

YouTube channels that no longer meet the new criteria, and are in the firing line to have their verified badge removed, are being notified of the decision today. Creators who will be affected have the right to appeal before the plan is fully implemented on the platform next month.

How to Get YouTube Verified: The New Rules

Having that YouTube checkmark next to your channel's name signals you are a significant and credible creator, and is a badge of honor for those who carry it. Up to now, YouTube allowed any channel with more than 100,000 subscribers to be verified. And while 100K subs is a major milestone for any YouTuber, we know these numbers can be gamed.

Going forward YouTube has confirmed that those channels that have over 100K subscribers will also need a “clear need for proof of authenticity,” and this includes all channels whether they belong to superstar YouTubers, celebrities, or other prominent creators.

YouTube states that from now on a channel has to be owned and managed by the person or brand it claims to be in order to get a verification mark. The new guidelines are:

Authenticity: Does this channel belong to the real creator, artist, public figure or company it claims to represent?

Prominence: Does this channel represent a well-known or highly searched creator, artist, public figure or company? Is this channel widely recognized outside of YouTube and have a strong presence online? Is this a popular channel that has a very similar name to many other channels?

YouTube has confirmed that channels that meet the new critera will not have to apply for verification as it will automatically be awarded.

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