VidCon 2019: 10 Industry Track Sessions You'll Want a Front Row Seat For

VidCon celebrates its 10th birthday this week, so let's take a look at the top 10 must-attend sessions at the Industry Track.

VidCon 2019 is just a few days away and thousands of creators, publishers, brands and fans are set to gather for what promises to be the best celebration of online video ever.

While the Creator and Community Tracks are a fantastic fit for creators and their audience, the Industry Track focuses on those professionals who create, produce, publish, distribute, and monetize online video for brands and publishers and is packed with strategic advice and actionable takeways.

Every workshop, panel, discussion and fireside chat is aimed at entertaining and informing one of the most exciting and fast-growing industries in the world.

For VidCon10 we've picked out 10 panels, sessions, workshops and keynotes that we believe vidIQ users with Industry Track tickets will find enormous value in attending. Check out the full Industry Track agenda for the rest of the sessions available between the 10th and 13th of July 2019.

10 Industry Track Sessions You Shouldn't Miss: VidConUS 2019

#1 Industry Keynote - YouTube Sparks Opportunity 11th July 4pm

For the past few years, YouTube has made some major announcements from the stage at VidCon about features which have changed the way the platform operates. This year Neal Mohan, YouTube's Chief Product Officer, and other YouTube creators, take to the Headliner stage as they discuss new product updates and other developments for the platform. Get a seat early, because YouTube keynotes are always packed out!

__#2 Why Small Screens Dictate Big Creative Decisions 11th July 4:50pm __

One of the biggest frustrations for online video creatives is the demands of varying screen sizes which dictate different shots and cuts needed for every video platform. However, Robert John Davis, Head of Digital for Ogilvy US, is in a very unique position to discuss a few tricks of the trade for creating effective videos, and will prove that smart creative strategies will lead to lower production costs, but much more flexible video assets.

#3 Advanced SEO Strategies to Drive Viewership and Rankings 11th July 1:30pm

Did you know that 2% of Google searches end up with a user clicking on a video that answers their question? Do you need some advanced SEO Strategies to take advantage of that opportunity to help dramatically increase your own video views? Join Justin Briggs for a must-attend session where you'll learn the tricks of the trade for increasing the views your video gets because it was returned in a Google search. Every creator, brand, and publisher needs to understand SEO for both Google, and for YouTube, and this session is a great place to start.

#4 Screw Viral: How to A/B Test Your Creative to Perform for the Long Haul 11th July 11:30am

Industry professionals will know the Harmon Brothers from their extraordinary advertising videos which have gone super viral. Campaigns like Squatty Potty, Chatbooks, Purple, Poo-Pourri (see below), and Lume have set the standard for viral marketing, but the Harmon Brothers leave nothing to chance, exhaustively testing not only titles, thumbnails, but a wide range of other factors. In this workshop, Daniel Harmon will teach you how to A/B test your creative strategy so it performs for you in both the short, and the long term.

#5 Creator Star Power: How to Break Through to a New Audience July 11th 11:30am

How can brands leverage creator insights from the most successful YouTube influencers to help drive views and engagements for their campaigns? We all know that influencer marketing can be a difficult terrain to navigate but on this panel, the opportunities for brands to lean into YouTube trends and build up strong and productive partnerships with some of the most influential YouTubers will be discussed. If you're a brand, or an influencer, this will be a must-attend session.

#6 The Insights Every Creator Needs to Know: Attracting, Retaining + Monetizing Audiences July 11th 10:15am

In this session, industry professionals will have a front row seat as top executives from Nielsen reveal a true data-driven look at what makes successful video content succeed. With the biggest dataset in the world, Nielsen will be able to confirm what kind of videos are captivating viewers, and how to convert those views and engagements into solid business revenue.

#7 Podcasts and Online Video July 11th 10:15am

The popularity of podcasts has sky-rocketed in recent years, and many marketers and other creatives are embracing them as part of their overall distribution strategy. Not only do they have a relatively low barrier to entry, they are also a very effective way for building audience engagement. Join VidCon founder Hank Green, plus executives from WNYC Studios, and the Ramble Network, for a discussion on the current state of podcasts, and podcasting culture. Oh, and don't forget to check out vidIQ's very own podcast for the online video industry, TubeTalk!

#8 Stand Out on Instagram: Best Practices Every Creator Needs to Know July 11th 2:45pm

Instagram, with over 1 Billion users, is one of the most popular platforms for creators, brands, and publishers to connect with their audience. Besidone Amoruwa, strategic partner manager of Beauty, Lifestyle and Gaming on Instagram’s Emerging talent team, will be at the Industry Track to talk about all things Insta. She'll be discussing the latest product features for creators, as well as giving us a wealth of tips for building success on the site.

__#9 Measuring Branded Content Success on Social July 12th 11:30am __

Shareablee are back to the Industry Track for another round of killer insights into the value of social video. What makes advertisers take notice of your content, and how to really prove ROI are just some of the topics that Tania Yuki, Shareablee CEO and Founder will discuss.

#10 Influence, Shminfluence 11th July 9am

Influencer marketing is a major strategy for a huge number of brands in 2019. But which influencers drive massive views and engagement, and which can prove a turn-off for that brand's target audience? World-class expert Cassie Roma shines a bright light on the influencer industry to help brands create the most impactful strategy when it comes to collaborating with influencers.

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