VidCon 2019: 10 Community Track Sessions You Shouldn't Miss

VidCon celebrates its 10th birthday this year, and it promises to be the best and biggest event yet. We take a look at the must-attend sessions for VidCon's Community Track.

VidCon has always been the flagship convention for YouTube fans and creators, but with the explosion of interest in other video platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it’s now a must-attend event for anyone passionate about online video. The event is split into three different tracks - Industry, Creator, and Community.

The Community Track is for those interested in everything online video, including the culture, the content and, of course, the creators. It's a chance for viewers to take a deep-dive into everything YouTube and beyond. There are over 125 Community Track panels, Q&A’s, parties, and meet-ups in total between July 10th and 13th 2019. In no particular order, these are our 10 stand-out sessions from the Community Track, but check out the full Community Track agenda so you don't miss a thing!

10 Community Track Sessions You Shouldn't Miss: VidConUS 2019

__#1 Testing the Trends July 12th 1:00pm __

Want to know how the top creators keep on top of, or even ahead of, the very latest content trends? This looks like a fascinating discussion that any video creator at VidCon will want to attend. Keeping an eye on Internet trends will give you a head start on your competitors so don't miss it!

__#2 Your New Best Friends July 11th 11:30am __

The incredibly exciting thing about online video is that the barriers to entry are super low. That means that there's a constant stream of new creators coming through and taking the space by storm. VidCon is shining on spotlight on 5 creators you should be aware of, as they discuss the success they have found in the past year.

#3 The Changing Faces of Beauty July 11th 2:30pm

Has there ever been a more creative or inspiring time to be a beauty creator? The Community Track is bringing together some of the most innovative make-up artists online right now as they discuss their talents and skills. This is an absolutely must-attend session for any aspiring MUA looking to create video content around their expertise online. The awesome Mykie from Glam&Gore is just one of the creators taking part:

#4 The Food Duplicators July 11th 10:00am

Have you ever turned to YouTube to recreate a dish or dessert you've seen on TV or in a movie? Join a host of chefs who had the same idea, and have turned their content into billions of views and engagements. If you have a passion for food or cooking, join this session as the experts discuss their ideas for creating, or replicating, some of the most iconic recipes in pop culture.

#5 Your Life Online and Off: Privacy and Finding the Balance July 13th 5:30pm

We have created a culture of sharing our lives online - but how much is too much to share? Are you very clear about your own boundaries or are you happy to be an open book? This very important session will discuss where many creators draw the line and how they have established what is, and isn't, off limits.

#6 Online Harassment: What Do I Do? July 12th 4:00pm

Harassment is a very real issue for many online video creators, and this session discusses the strategies that have been developed and practiced to cope with online abuse. This will be a very enlightening and supportive session for any creators (and viewers) who want to keep a safe online presence.

#7 Animation Community & Collabs July 13th 10:00am

Animation content is huge on YouTube and other online video platforms, and the community is one of the tightest and most supportive around. Join some of the top animation creators as they discuss collaborations and other ways of working together. SomeThingElseYT is one of the featured panellists:

#8 Finding Your People July 13th 11:30am

One of the many incredible achievements of VidCon has been the ability to bring people together to celebrate everything online video. Whether it's your first time at the Community Track, or you're a veteran of the event, the feeling of finding your "tribe" is unforgettable. This panel discusses how they found their people, and built a strong community around their content.

#9 I Build; You Build: Let's Build a Discussion Together July 11th 2:30pm

Science plus entertainment is a winning combination, and online video has given many creators the opportunity to show off their wildly creative inventions to billions of people via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Join the names behind the Glitter Bomb Trap, Remote Control Shopping Cart, and the Tomatoes in Salad Remover Robot, as they discuss what it takes to be an inventor/creator in online video.

#10 Tackling Mental Health Online July 11th 2:30pm

Our last pick is a panel that addresses one of the most pressing issues facing video creators in modern culture - that of burn-out. Creators who can talk openly about the difficulties they have faced, or are experiencing right now, have a positive impact on the community and help to move the conversation forward. This session will include actionable takeaways that creators can put into practice.

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