How Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Broke the Internet #JeffreeXShane

The much-awaited launch of the Jeffree Star/Shane Dawson cosmetic line sent both Twitter and Shopify into meltdown earlier today. Find out why!

There were extraordinary scenes on social media today as the much-anticipated launch of the new Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson cosmetic line sent Twitter into meltdown. The launch of the products, documented in a ground-breaking YouTube series from Dawson, was scheduled for today at 10am PST, but such was the demand from fans of both the make-up, and the creators, the website spectacularly crashed around 9.58am, and at time of writing is still off-line.

The demand for the #ShaneDawsonXJeffreeStar palette and lip collections not only crashed the jeffreestarcosmetics site, it lead to outages across other Shopify e-commerce sites:

Both Star and Dawson are actively managing the issue on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, begging customers to be patient as there teams work on fixing the issue.

The success of the launch is a testament to the power of YouTube, but also to the savvy marketing and promotion skills of both collaborators. Star has built a legitimate billion dollar cosmetic and merchandise distribution business in the past few years and has used the video platform to help build his brand. Dawson, a YouTube OG, has pivoted from his usually quirky style into longer-form content which has generated millions of views for his channel.

You can find out about the new cosmetics line here:

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