15 Fastest-Growing Gaming Channels on YouTube [August]

Saluting gaming's newest YouTube stars! This list showcases 10 creators from the vidIQ community who defied the 'saturated niche' myth to grow their channels!

We know that viewers have always flocked to gaming content on YouTube, be it for the community, the entertainment, or to simply get better themselves. In fact, there are over 1,000 gaming channels on YouTube with over a million subscribers, and that's only going to increase. Why? Because it's exciting when new games are released, and most live streams on YouTube are actually gaming content!

This might lead you to believe that gaming is an oversaturated niche with no opportunity to stand out. But, in our experience, that is not true at all. So, here are 15 gaming creators from the vidIQ community who’ve nailed it in the last 30 days. Let's celebrate them!

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1. ItsCoopaa

ItsCoopaa is an FPS gamer (first-person shooter) who mainly plays Call Of Duty.

  • Subscribers in July: 21
  • Subscribers in August: 6,720
  • Current subscribers: 7,830

Most watched video:

2. Midnite

Midnite makes Grand Theft Auto V RP videos.

  • Subscribers in July: 689
  • Subscribers in August: 10,700
  • Current subscribers: 10,800

Most watched video:

3. Mobile Games Play

Mobile Games Play uploads videos about different mobile games.

  • Subscribers in July: 3260
  • Subscribers in August: 10,300
  • Current subscribers: 10,500

Most watched video:

4. IzTek

IzTek also plays FPS games, the primary choice being Valorant.

  • Subscribers in July: 4
  • Subscribers August: 1,010
  • Current subscribers: 1,010

Most watched video:

5. Lil Loupy

Lil Loupy makes funny gaming edits through YouTube Shorts.

  • Subscribers in July: 122
  • Subscribers in August: 19,100
  • Current subscribers: 19,500

Most watched video:

6. SmashGrab

SmashGrab is a car racing gamer who uploads Asphalt 9 Legends videos.

  • Subscribers in July: 1,000
  • Subscribers in August: 3,070
  • Current subscribers: 3,070

Most watched video:

7. Ze-Clash Mini

Ze - Clash Mini gives tips and tutorials on Clash Mini and fun decks.

  • Subscribers in July: 49
  • Subscribers in August: 1,212
  • Current subscribers: 1,460

Most watched video:

8. Roadkill Dev

Roadkill Dev makes well-edited videos playing different games across genres.

  • Subscribers in July: 45
  • Subscribers in August: 1,380
  • Current subscribers: 1,390

Most watched video:

9. Desi gamer

Desi gamer makes YouTube Shorts playing mobile games.

  • Subscribers in July: 186
  • Subscribers in August: 2,454
  • Current subscribers: 2,810

Most watched video:

10. SniperGhost

SniperGhost is a MOBA player (multiplayer online battle arena) posting gameplay videos.

  • Subscribers at the beginning: 58
  • Subscribers at the end: 1,050
  • Current subscribers: 1,130

Most watched video:

11. Ariluna

Ariluna makes videos on simulation games.

  • Subscribers in July: 21,500
  • Subscribers in August: 46,966
  • Current subscribers: 47,700

Most watched video:

12. Shut

Shut is a Minecraft video creator who plays other games too.

  • Subscribers at the beginning: 30
  • Subscribers at the end: 1,890
  • Current subscribers: 1,910

Most watched video:

13. Tare Gamer

Tare Gamer is a mobile game FPS creator.

  • Subscribers at the beginning: 19
  • Subscribers at the end: 2,040
  • Current subscribers: 2,050

Most watched video:


EX GAMING SSS makes Simulation video games content.

  • Subscribers at the beginning: 1,590
  • Subscribers at the end: 2,820
  • Current subscribers: 2,830

Most watched video:

15. Superdansho

Superdansho makes some really cool Roblox videos.

  • Subscribers at the beginning: 5,260
  • Subscribers at the end: 8,300
  • Current subscribers: 8,420

Most watched video:

Congrats to every gaming creator who had amazing subscriber growth last month! 🥳 If you want to see your channel grow, don't forget to sign up for vidIQ and get robust tools, data, and video ideas.

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