YouTube Comment Filters with vidIQ

What happens when you are overwhelmed with too many comments? We’ve created filters that help you find the comments that matter.

Replying to comments is absolutely critical for growing your subscribers

YouTube Comment Moderation

You can now filter by:

  • Has Replies
  • Doesn’t have Replies
  • I’ve Replied To
  • I haven’t replied to
  • Contains Question(s)
  • Contains Profanity
  • Contains Positive Words (positive sentiment)
  • Contain Negative Words (negative sentiment)
  • Subscriber Name
  • Search YouTube Comments By Keyword

And you can mix these filters as well:

  • YouTube Comment Filters with vidIQ

For instance, you can find all positive questions being asked and make sure those questions get answered, oh so nicely. 🙂

This is all available right now with our chrome extension.