10 YouTube Channels that Hit 100K Subs FAST! [October]

Reaching 100,000 subscribers is no cake walk, and yet, 10 creators did it in a flash! Discover who they are and how quickly they grew!

There's nothing like starting a YouTube channel with zero views and magically climbing your way to 100,000 subscribers. It's one of the hardest things to do, and yet, the journey couldn't be more exhilarating!

To prove how awesome this is, we're celebrating 10 creators who hit 100K subs in just 30 days. They're all in the vidIQ community, so we're taking time to say congratulations and welcome to the 100K Subs Club!

As always, we define the vidIQ community as anyone using our growth tools to reach YouTube success. So if you've signed up for vidIQ to optimize your videos, find keywords, or even get video ideas, this roundup is for you. We're celebrating your wins.

Top Channels Passing 100,000 Subscribers in October

1. SanJ Talks

SanJ Talks inspires people to network, become leaders, and pursue entrepreneurship by highlighting the achievements of successful people.

  • Subscribers in August: 1,250
  • Current subscribers in October: 1.1 million

Most-viewed video:

2. SKB Smart Facts

SKB Smart Facts makes videos to test viewers' knowledge and share interesting facts about life.

  • Subscribers in August: 541
  • Current subscribers in October: 445,000

Most-viewed video:

3. Shubham Shard Vlog

Shubham Shard Vlog mixes natural footage with 3D effects to make videos that stand out!

  • Subscribers in August: 373
  • Current subscribers in October: 121,000

Most-viewed video:

4. Mr Azmaik

Mr Azmaik makes thoughtful videos about how to care for others and cultivate a positive mindset.

  • Subscribers in August: 945
  • Current subscribers in October: 524,000

Most-viewed video:

5. Kidplays Shorts

Kidplays Shorts makes quick, entertaining videos for children.

  • Subscribers in August: 4,550
  • Current subscribers in October: 1.04 million

Most-viewed video:

6. Pet Lovers Companion

Pet Lovers Companion shares the importance of having love and compassion for animals.

  • Subscribers in August: 1,000
  • Current subscribers in October: 645,000

Most-viewed video:

7. БУБЕШКИ (Bubeshki)

Bubeshki is a family channel that shares various moments from their daily life.

  • Subscribers in August: 884
  • Current subscribers in October: 252,000

Most-viewed video:

8. Mindspark

Mindspark explains the "why" behind everything, from animal behavior to color theory to building construction.

  • Subscribers in August: 3,150
  • Current subscribers in October: 1.63 million

Most-viewed video:

9. Bablubhaiya_1

Bablubhaiya_1 makes creative skits about relationships and relatable moments in life.

  • Subscribers in August: 980
  • Current subscribers in October: 206,000

Most-viewed video:

10. Amit Toon

Amit Toon re-creates the challenges one would find in a video game using cartoon animation.

  • Subscribers in August: 1,540
  • Current subscribers in October: 1.1 million

Most-viewed video:

Congrats to everyone who had amazing subscriber growth last month! 🥳 If you want to see your channel grow, don't forget to sign up for vidIQ and get robust tools, data, and video ideas.

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